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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fair Results 2014

Here is the UPDATED and FINAL Fair 2014 Results for the kids.  We are SO proud of them!  They did a great job, not only talking to the judges but helping each other out as we had fevers and upset stomach throughout the whole fair.  (Not to mention, Mommy's little mishap that put her in a sling, but that is a story for another time.)  Our first 4-H Fair definitely was a fair to remember!

Morning Glory Muffins:   Purple; Jr. Grand Champion
Cherry Jam:         Purple; Jr. Grand Champion
Trail Mix:             Purple  
Brownie:              Blue
Meat Goat:         Under 60 lbs:     Class Grand Champion
Carrots:              Red
Cucumbers:        Red
Beets:                 Red
Misshapen Vegetable: Purple; Reserve Champion
Beans, Green:   Blue
Potatoes:            Blue
Jr. Misc. Print:    Purple
Jr. Enlargement Color:  Blue       
Jr. Animal:           Red
Jr. People:           Blue
Jr. Building          Blue
Jr. Landscape:    Blue
Fiber Arts:

Latchhook:          Purple; Reserve Champion

Entomology:      Purple; Jr. Grand Champion

Misshapen Vegetable: Purple; Jr. Grand Champion
Carrots:              Red
Onions, Red:      Red
Cucumbers:        Red
Potato:               Red
Beets:                Red
Peppers, Serrano:  Red
Zucchini:              Blue
Rooster:               Red
Pedal Pull:          Third Place Medal
Bucket Calf:        7-8 Year Olds:    Reserve Champion
Trail Mix:              Blue
Pumpkin Muffin:    Blue   
Sr. Doe             Red
Sr. Buck           Red
Rocket: Blue
Woodworking:  Birdhouse:  Purple
Self-Determined:  Three Little Pigs Display: Purple; Reserve Champion


Garden (Open):               
Beets:   First (Blue)
Tomatoes:          First (Blue)
Summer Squash: Second (Red)
Cucumbers:        Second (Red)
Beans, Green:   Third (White)
Carrots:                First (Blue)
Bucket Calf (Open):   Purple       
Pullet (Open):   First (Blue Ribbon)
Kitten (Open):  First (Blue Ribbon); Best of Show

Pedal Pull:          First Place Medal
Misc. Craft - Rocket (Open):  First (Blue)              
Woodworking (Open):  First (Blue)         
Wheat:   First (Blue)
Rabbit (Open): First (Blue Ribbon)

Ethan :
Garden (Open):               
Onions, Red:      First (Blue)
Potato, Irish:      First (Blue)
Cucumbers:        First (Blue)
Hen (Open):      First (Blue Ribbon)
Pedal Pull:          Participation

Sr. Doe Rabbit (Open): First (Blue Ribbon)

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