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Since most of my updating is done via Instagram these days I thought I'd add a section that links to my feed. Click on any of the pictures to get an enlarged version. I hope you enjoy the pics:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Girl Time

Abi and I were invited to attend a Secret Keeper Girl Conference in Kearney. We were able to go with our friends the Halls and the Rorhchilds.

The theme was crazy hair and we had no idea how crazy it would be. Girls had everything from balloons to lights to chenille sticks in their hair! The set was very cool too:

They played games, sang songs, had a fashion show and told a story about a peacock raised with the chickens. 

It was very fun!

Of course they also talked about modesty and how being 'normal' is overrated. Here is a pic of the girls afterward. 

Abi and I stayed over night and continued our girls night out the next day with bowling and getting our nails done. We were excited to have cousin Kim and Aunt Roxanne join us! (Sorry I failed to get pics as my phone battery gave out. 🙉)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Old Settler's Day Parade 2014

Here are some pictures from this year's Old Settler's Day Parade. The Farmer was in the field so he didn't get to join us, but we still had a great day!

The Herredsbergs and Decotes sat next to us and the kids saw several of their friends from school. 

I'd have to say the biggest surprise was the float of boys who after seeing Abi threw lots of candy and cheered her name! She blushed terribly and we all (including her) laughed. Apparently my daughter is already popular with the boys of her grade. And so it begins. 😉

Monday, October 13, 2014

Nathan's 9th Birthday Cake

Nathan picked the theme of Monster Trucks for this year. After looking at several trucks, we decided to do Blue Thunder. Here is a coloring page of what he looks like: 

I started out making a simple chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Then I covered the coloring page with wax paper and started filling in the page. The one thing I forgot to do was print the page in mirror image. So the words were backwards and we had to 'erase' them and redo, but I was able to salvage enough. Here is what it looked like before the details:

Then I tried to put in some of the details with a fine tip. When I was all done this is what we have:

I asked Nathan what he thought and his answer was 'It will do!'

Tomorrow I will do the cupcakes he wants to take to school.  I'll update and include themat the bottom here: