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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Girl Time

Abi and I were invited to attend a Secret Keeper Girl Conference in Kearney. We were able to go with our friends the Halls and the Rorhchilds.

The theme was crazy hair and we had no idea how crazy it would be. Girls had everything from balloons to lights to chenille sticks in their hair! The set was very cool too:

They played games, sang songs, had a fashion show and told a story about a peacock raised with the chickens. 

It was very fun!

Of course they also talked about modesty and how being 'normal' is overrated. Here is a pic of the girls afterward. 

Abi and I stayed over night and continued our girls night out the next day with bowling and getting our nails done. We were excited to have cousin Kim and Aunt Roxanne join us! (Sorry I failed to get pics as my phone battery gave out. 🙉)