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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Cute Comment

The other day I was chatting on the phone when Abi and Nathan started fighting...I could tell that Abi was saying something that was frustrating Nathan.  Finally Nathan had had enough and came over to me and said, "Abi is calling me lucky."  I explained that being lucky is a good thing...his response:
"I don't want to be lucky."
I couldn't help but often are we called to something good but are so used to the bad things that we don't recognize the good!  That was my little nugget of the day!
My 'lucky' little boy has been up to alot lately...he likes to drive his little car around the house or his trike outside.  We had the chickens in the porch for awhile which means the feed and water were in here too...we finally had to put them out in the chicken coop because they were causing my 'lucky' little boy to get into all kinds of trouble. 
One day I heard Abi saying "Do it again, Nate...Do it again."  And then I'd hear the chicks rustle up and cheep so I headed out to see what was going on. Nathan was trying his hardest to catch a chick so they could pet it...his grip was a bit too hard for the little things! 
Another time he was out looking at the chicks after Daddy had put a ladder in to hold the heat lamp...well as you can didn't take Nathan long to climb that ladder all the way to the top!
I think the straw that broke the back was when he was out looking at the chicks with his little this little car has a seat with a compartment under it which also has a whole in the bottom!  Well, Nathan decided he wanted to "haul feed" for the chicks and dumped a bunch of their starter feed into the compartment of the car and started to head off with it when Daddy discovered what was going on and put a stop to it...I can just see it now...if Daddy wouldn't have discovered this...we would have had chick starter from one end of the house to the other!
The next day...Marion commented on loving the energy of little boys...even when they are being mischievous!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Too Cute

Okay, I just had to write and share the cutest comment that Abi made today. We had just gotten home from a visit with the cousins at Grandma Schlatter's and walked onto the back porch where they discovered Daddy had purchased some baby chicks (yes, we have baby chicks again...10 of them). Anyway, Abigail stood there for a while and then came rushing into the house and said:

"I need a chair, my bottom doesn't want to stand anymore!"

This comes from an almost four year old...too hilarious!

We also wanted to show you Abi's new is SHORT! But adorable...don't look too closely as there are a few mess ups but Mommy thought she'd better stop while she was ahead and let a professional fix the booboos!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Update on the Kids

Well, Abigail has started her kindergarten prep pre-school homeschooling! She is loving it and really abosorbing so much...I can hardly keep up with all that she is learning and asking questions about! It is so fun to watch her get so excited about learning and reading!

Nathan has started a pre-school curriculumn as well and is slowly warming up to it...his attention span is not as long as Abi's so we just do little parts here and there but I am still amazed with what he picks up as well...most of the time I feel like I am above their heads and then they respond beyond what I expected! God is so awesome in how he created little children!

Jonathan is really filling out and changing...we took his 3 month pictures and compared them to his 1 month and could hardly believe they were the same child! He is a very smiley little boy but he can REALLY scream if he gets mad!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Back to Gothenburg - Placeholder

One of the things we got to do while we were in Gothenburg both times was to watch the boys play soccer...Nathan came home and was seen kicking a ball around the yard "just like Tyler" he said! I think it was a little harder for him to follow AJ's game as it was on a big field and Tyler's was on a half field!

We were going to see Kimberly play in a softball tournament but it SNOWED~so that one got postponed!

Here are some pics of the boys playing soccer and our kids watching: