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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A lesson in Humility

Whenever I get too big for my britches...the Lord reminds me how little I know, how small I am, and how much I have to learn.  Usually through things I this:

A blog post on Only a Breath:

“But He was wounded for our transgressions, 
      He was bruised for our iniquities;
      The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
      And by His stripes we are healed.” ~ Isaiah 53:5
I read about the Man who touched blind eyes and made them see — His face first! I am amazed that He can calm the sea and even walk across the water. I love to embrace Him who is able to see my deepest need, become a friend to sinners, and show compassion to those who desparately hate Him. My heart sings on Resurrection Day when the promise of eternal life is given, even to me!
But when it comes to the deadly wounding, I get uneasy.
Wounds make me want to run away.
There are those who naturally long to care for the wounded – doctors, nurses, and other caregivers. I am the one who gets queasy at the sight of a paper-cut, and if there is any blood involved, I’m a goner. I have to admit that I actually took an entire semester of First Aid in college, and when the instructor showed “trauma” photos, I closed my eyes for the entire class.
My heart feels deeply for those that hurt. I am immediately in their place, and even though I want nothing more than to help them, I can’t bear to look at the wound. Maybe because it reminds me of my own human frailty?
Is this how I treat the death of Christ? Do I run away or cover my eyes?
Sometimes I can’t bear to look into the eyes of the Son of God on the cross. It’s too messy. My sins have made it that way. I like to clean up the cross, polish it up in gold, and wear a clean shiny reminder. The cross was not a clean, shiny death. Jesus died a horrible, torturing death so that in exchange, my heart could be cleaned up and shine as only He can make it. By avoiding the thought of his death, do I cheapen His sacrifice? Do I glance over the most important event in all of human history because I don’t want to be uncomfortable?
Is this how I treat others who are wounded and hurting around me?
Do I look into the eyes of the homeless man on the street or do I glance away because he is wounded, and I am uncomfortable?
Do I embrace the woman whose husband has left her brokenhearted, with a whole household full of children, because it scares me and makes me uncomfortable?
Do I squirm in my seat as I hear a parent cry over their teenager’s addiction to drugs because, they too, are wounded… and I can’t bear to really see?
My prayer is that during this season of remembrance of Christ’s victory over death, that I will not cheapen His sacrifice but will instead look into the eyes of the One who was wounded, tortured, and gave His very last breath for me. All of this so that I could have life.
By His stripes, I am healed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dinosaurs & Another one 'bit' the dust

This has been quite the 'creation' weekend around here!  On Sunday, Marion had to read a sermon at church and in light of the presentations happening in the area this week, he chose "Intelligent Design" by David Feddes from the Back to God Hour radio broadcast, June 2005.  

Then, this week, Dr. G. Thomas Sharp with Creation Truth Foundation has been in Downs giving presentations supporting a Christ Centered World View in Creation.  You can check out this link for his Online Video Library of Presentations.  I believe there was also a video presentation with Ken Ham at the Grace Baptist Church in Smith Center too this weekend...though Tracy will have to confirm that (it was just the rumor I heard).  :0)  

Anyway, Marion is very interested in all of this kind of stuff and so he was talking up the Dinosaurs with the kids. We even watched a few of the online videos to 'check it out' before we went.  And the kids were very excited to go see the dinosaur bones...which we did tonight!  The kids were very impressed with the replicas.  Abigail's favorite was the 'small t-rex' (I can't remember the name let alone type it...are you kidding me!), Nathan's favorite was the T-res skull, and Jonny liked the 'dinosaur bird'.  I think my favorite was the slab of the Itchyosaures (ya...I tried it...and you can see how well I butchered that one!) which showed how the fossilization had to have happened very rapidly because the mother was in the midst of giving birth...there were three outside by the tail, one that had just been born, and one still in the womb that you could see...that was pretty amazing to me! Marion agreed with Nathan that the t-rex skull was pretty cool, but he also liked the large bison horns there.  (you'll have to ask him more about that) Anyway, we were able to listen to about 30 minutes of the lecture before the kids became too restless.  I then took the kids to the van while Marion browsed the books and got a few things for the kids.

In other we were trying to get ready to leave to go see the Dinosaurs, Nathan bonked Abigail with the refrigerator door and knocked her tooth out...fortunately, it was already very tooth #5 has bit the dust!  

Another gaping smile...

close up...#5 gone!
She has actually been complaining for the last couple of days that the tooth was so loose that she couldn't eat but also told me it "wasn't ready to come out yet".  I wasn't going to force it as I didn't feel it was that loose yet.  And it turns out, this way was the best way for it to come as there was very little pain or panic on her part!  So now two of her teeth have been 'knocked' out, one has just fallen out and two have been pulled.  I have to say...the non-pulled ones have been the best experience!


Monday, March 28, 2011

The fire...

You know how when you are trying to do something all nice and everything goes wrong...

Well, that is what happened tonight.  We were having some friends over (Jeff & Marla Koops and family) for dinner.  We had decided to take this opportunity and have steaks since our kids don't readily like them and I don't fix them all that often.  (I made steaks for the adults and hamburgers for the kids.)  Anyway, with the steaks, I did baked potatoes for the adults and was trying to figure out what to do for the kids.  I decided to do French fries, but doubted I had enough of the Schwan's fries, so I thought "How hard can it be...I'll just make my own to add to them."

Weeelllllll, it wasn't hard, but it was dangerous!

I had the steaks in the oven with the potatoes, and the fries all cut up and soaking, and then the oil got to temperature!  I took the Schwan's fries I had and 'dumped' (my first mistake) them into the oil! overflowed the pot!  And wallah...we had a grease fire!  And it wasn't just a small one either!  I quickly told the kids to GET OUT, and Marion came running to assist!  We tried the lid on top to smother it, but unfortunately the fire could still get air from the other burners and so it wasn't dying out!  Sooooooo, I got out the flour and started dumping it on!  (Later we read that Baking Soda would have been better, but all I could remember was that you had to smother it with a 'powder', and flour was all I could think of!)  After about 5-6 cups of flour the fire was out and we had burnt flour smell permeating the house!

Meanwhile, the steaks got a bit overdone in the oven, and I had a HUGE mess to clean up before I could finish making the hamburgers which were not done yet!  And guests were coming in 30 minutes!  By the grace of my God, I remained calm and even my husband commented on how well I had handled the catastrophe.  I am so thankful for all that the Lord is doing in my life, and when peace comes in the turmoil it only encourages me more that He is moving!  I've still got a long ways to go in some areas, but thankfully we can see that He is working!

I had to chuckle when I remembered the last time Marion and I had to work together in a fire situation.  (Remember the yard fire several years ago?)  We are so very blessed that both of these situations turned out so well.  We praise God for protecting us...and yes, we are both very aware at how BADLY this could have been.  In the moment it was all VERY serious, but now that everyone is safe and there was not damage or harm done, there were once again humorous moments!

Because we had a few 'in the moment' uncertainties, we did sit down and research out what the 'proper' way to handle a grease fire like that is!  We do have a fire extinguisher right there under the sink but what a mess that would have made...way more than a little burnt flour.  We both knew not to put water on it...and we both knew to try the lid but when that didn't work, we questioned what to do.  Now we know and I will be buying some 'fire baking soda' to have on hand (meaning baking soda reserved only for that purpose - not that I intend to have another grease fire anytime soon ;0)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Camera...

Well, after 2 days of painstakingly looking around the internet and reading hundreds of reviews and comparisons (literally I don't think I've done much else).  I finally decided on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35.
This camera was ranked as one of the top picks on the Buyers Guide for Digital Camera Resource Page, and was originally given the only A+ ranking on the Digital Camera HQ site. (recently they moved the ranking to A- but they say that is only because they are getting harder to find...and they aren't telling a lie!)  It was also ranked in the top of super shooters in at least 3 other websites that I found. (I was wanting something a bit more than a compact point and shoot but not as advanced as the dSLRs...besides, the dSLRs are way out of the price range Marion gave me!)

When I compared the specs to some of the other cameras and read dozens of forum reviews and recommendations, it became clear that the FZ35 in comparison to its Cannon counterpart had the edge.  Of all the cameras out there, the two that kept coming back to the surface were the Canon Powershot SX210 IS and the FZ35 (though I looked at the Canon Powershot S95 - but it was too high in price for what I could find.)  I also looked at the Panasonic Lumix SZ7 (or even the 5) which are a bit smaller, but in comparison of price, I could still get the FZ35 within $50 and thought it had better reviews.

K - I looked at the Canon Elphs Series but the FZ35 ranked higher and had better reviews on the above two sites - at least the ones within the price range that Marion gave me - besides having 3 of the same camera in one family just wouldn't be!  

So, I took the plunge and bought the Lumiz FZ35!  It should arrive on Friday, April 1st according to the shipping information (and let's hope that isn't a joke!)


First year and 3-year Pics

Even though I don't have a camera at the moment, I was able to use Abigail's camera to take a few shots of Ethan and Jonathan.  I'm afraid that having 4 kids has delayed my photo taking ability quite a bit but at least I did get them both done!  

These are the photos of Ethan:

We think this one is our #1 choice for his 1 year picture!
Isn't that just a great expression!
This one is good, but just not the same exuberant expression.
 The next picture was my fav on camera but when I blew it is a tad bit fuzzy. 

So then I went to photoshop and sharpened and took out the big spit up blotch on the shoulder.  What do you think?  Is it better than the first one? 

Next we have Jonny's 3 year old picture:
(I saved the best for

A great smile!

A very cute and all!

Our #1 choice!
We are in SOooooo much trouble...
For those of you who get hard copies of the pictures, I'll try to get them printed and delivered to you soon.  But at least you can enjoy them online until they show up on your doorstep or in the mail!  


Another T-Dress...Love This one!

After looking through all the extras we have...I found a green tee that matched the stripes in a tee she already had and wallah!  I went ahead and added the second white layer for extra length and then added the frilly colored rosebuds and she love its (as well as do I)!

The bottom of the green is a loose layer but it doesn't really show so well.

I've got one more tee to make into a t-dress and then she'll have a few more fun summer dresses.  We also found TWO jean skirts in her closet upstairs...they needed minor adjustments in the waistline but she is very excited about those.  We had to wade through like 10 pairs of jeans to find them, but I thought I remembered some skirts up there.  So, she is starting to get lots of options to wear (far more than

I can't tell you how it warms my heart to see her come down stairs all dressed and ready to go for the day.  Several times I've asked her why she chose what she is wearing for that day and the response is almost always the same, "I wanted to wear this cuz it make me fell like a girl."  Since she is a girl amongst many boys, I'm glad a simple thing like what she wears can help her find that peace.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Camera Died... is definitely broken.  No more flash...Grainy Blurry Dark Pictures.  Yep..its a goner!

Fortunately, Abi's camera still works so I was able to get the pictures of the t-shirt dress that I made her yesterday. Here they are: (you'll have to forgive the hair...apparently we aren't doing very well with getting that taken care of before the

So you can see the original t-shirt the orangish red color...
then I took a brown t-shirt and lengthened the skirt, sleeves, and made the neckline more modest.
I then had some of this woven ribbon to just a a bit of 'trim'.
On the back can see how it had a tie opening around the offers some extra 'frill' for Abi!
 Really it is a bit too big for her, but she'll be able to grow into it nicely.  She seems to really like it and that is all that matters to me.  Seriously...a dress that cost absolutely nothing to make!

As far as the camera issue goes...I'm in the market for a new one.  I'm gonna look around a while and see what fits us best.  I'd love to have a camera with a fast shutter speed, good quality image, and doesn't cost and arm & leg!  Really, those are my qualifications for a good camera!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A change of plans...

Well, as Spring Break Week comes to an end, I had mentioned to Marion that it might be fun to do something with the kids!  Fortunately, the kids have had a great spring break already as they got to spend two days at Grandma Schlatter's house playing with Cousins P, W, and B!

However, today they all had to go home and so the 'let down' was a bit hard to tolerate! ;0)  So, Daddy came to the rescue and whisked us all off to the Hastings Museum to see a helicopter Imax movie.  Nathan LOVED that!  And even Ethan did well...he ended up falling to sleep fairly quickly!

Again, I didn't take my camera and left my phone in the van, so I have no pictures.  I don't know what it is about that museum that I cannot remember to take my camera but hey!  Anyway, we got to enjoy seeing the exhibits again and the helicopter movie was very cool!  Then the kids got to play in the discovery corner again and they always love that.

After about 2 1/2 hours, we headed home and stopped off at Subway for dinner.  So, needless to say, the sewing projects I had planned today did not get done!  Well...that isn't exactly true...I did have enough time this evening to do one t-shirt dress.  I took 2 shirts and made one dress.  Added a bit of ribbon to help spruce it up and if nothing else it is a sure fire play dress with nothing lost!  I tried to get pictures but for some reason they all came out really dark...I don't know what is going on with my camera! (alot of Ethan's birthday pictures did the same thing...surely it is not time for a new camera already...ugh!)

Anyway, I'll try again tomorrow when the lighting is better and see if I can get you some pictures of the new dress.  I also have a ton of shirts that I'm going to make a tiered t-shirt dress with...maybe tomorrow!

(and just for those who might be asking...I did get the kids' clothes changed out before we left for now they have short sleeve shirts too.  All but Abi as hers are in a pile waiting to be sorted as to which I may use if any.  So, the day was a very productive and yet rewarding day!)

I'm so very glad my husband loves us all so much to stop and spend time with us!  We truly are blessed!

Project new passion...

Have you seen the many blogs out there that give you step by step instructions on how to do a project?  I follow a few of them.  I love those instructional blogs...those people have a ton of patience and organizational skills.  I don't think that I would have the patience or the foresight to take the pictures as I go...I like to do something and then take pictures.  :0)

I have come to realize that I can take a picture and create the fairly close replica of many things (ie the lockers on the porch, the peasants dress & skirt, the pioneer dress, and even the boot box on the porch.)  Occasionally, I don't look at the picture close enough or try to create it out of memory and then I get messed up (ie Abi's frock dress...ugh that dress still haunts

So, I am really enjoying the skill and time it has taken these people to post step by step instructions for their projects.  I have one project especially that I'm wanting to work on today (if I get a chance).  Here is the link to the dress I want to make for Abi...I think it would make a good play dress and we've got several t-shirts that can be used.

Honestly, some of the fashions at The Sewing Dork aren't my favorite, but she does have some great ideas like the Market Bag and how to make Dishclothes.

Another of my favorite sites is Make it and Love it.  She does all kinds of great things.  She just had a baby and so she's had some guest series and helps from her husband.  I especially love this one.  Here is one like The Sewing Dorks t-shirt dress only slightly different.  Here is a link to all of her tutorials...she does SO MANY different things.  I think I need to do this one for Nathan and Jonny...think they'd like it?

I mean...I could just spend HOURS looking through their sites!

And then there is The Heavenly Homemakers site.  She has SO many great ideas for living healthier, frugal, and productive lives.  She has I think 4 boys!  That right there tells you a TON!  Her latest post was on an Onions Soup mix that does not have MSG...something Marion would love!  She even makes her own Chocolate Chips!

I am so very grateful for these women who share their experiences and lives with those of us in the bloggy world.  (and these are just the project sites...I didn't list all the spiritual and encouraging ones...smiles)


I had better get going...I need to bag up E's old clothes and get out the short sleeves for the kids.  Off we go...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm caught up...I'm caught up...

As many of you know, I've been trying to catch up with the blogging from 2010 using the photos I took as a guide.

Well, today, I did it!

All caught up.  Now I can order my 2010 blog book and another year is recorded in history...both online and in paper!

I'll have to go get one of my older books to remember how I did those, but I'm hoping it will come back to me as I sit down and order the book.  I'm also hoping they didn't change things or stop their services since I last used them.  (which is always a risk when you only print once a year!)

This is the site I use...Blog2Print...I really like them and thought they were reasonable..then again, I didn't have alot of choices when I found them.  Do you print your blog?  What site do you use?

I remember it took me YEARS to find a place that would print the blog in book form for me.  I really hope the service is still available!

Well, I'm off for tonight.  Feeling pretty tired after all the cleaning I did.  Marion is so happy that he glows! (but don't tell him I told you that...he might be a bit embarrassed that he is glowing...hehehehe)

Another project completed.

You know how one project leads to another...which leads to another...which leads to another! 


Well, I was able to finish the bedroom today.  I decided to do a video tour of the room for something different.  I hope you enjoy it.

I'm not sure which of the awaiting projects will be next.  I might take a day or two to do some sewing, or I might go through the kids' clothes and start getting the summer clothes out (at least the short sleeves).  We'll see.  Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

By the end of the day...

our room was looking a tad bit differently:

First, I cleaned up the floor from all the clothing and made piles on the clothes, dress clothes, long sleeve, short sleeve...etc.

Then when I had the floor relatively picked up, I took the broken treadmill out of the room.  That cleared up alot of space.  So I moved Marion's current cabinet to the wall and moved the bassinet (which has taken up permanent home in our bedroom for the time being with or without a's my sister's and just never seems to leave our house..rofl)

Then I moved the book case over by the closet so that there is more room to get into the closet.  I reorganized the closet so that Marion's clothes hung long sleeve casual to short sleeve casual and then dress long sleeve to dress short sleeve.  And I went through my closet and got rid of anything I wasn't wearing or didn't fit.  

I also went through every drawer and pile...both Marion's and mine and got rid of anything that did not fit or that we haven't worn in years.  I have TWO large black trash bags full of stuff to give away!  And we still have plenty!  rofl!

The next step is to clear out the chest of drawers upstairs that we will be using to house Marion's clothes (as he does not think he has enough room right now), and move it downstairs.  We decided to move his cabinet closer to the head of the bed and I'm thinking we'll store some of his books in there that overflow from  his night stand.

Today I have some errands to run in town, so I might not get to do much more on the room today, but when I have it all done, I'll take detailed pictures to show you what I did...

OR...maybe I'll use an idea from a friend's blog and give you a video tour...that might be fun and different...we'll see.


Monday, March 21, 2011

What's up next...

Well, with the wall all fixed and painted and the birthday party behind us, Marion asked what was next on my list of 'projects'.

Now as I have said before, my Aunt Patti has classified me as a "Project Girl" and I am finding more and more how true that is.  I thrive on having projects to do...and most of all what I'm learning is that anything can be a project...from laundry to bread making to redoing a room in the house!

With that in mind, I do have the weekly projects of laundry and house cleaning lined up, but I had promised my husband that as soon as the wall was done and the birthday was over I'd start focusing on our bedroom.  You has been the dump all for EVERYTHING!  It is the room that when people are coming over everything gets shoved into it!  It is also the easiest room to pile things out of sight.  In addition, a few years ago Marion decided that I needed a new chest of drawers to put my clothes in because they were always everywhere...but now...Marion's clothes are always everywhere!  In addition to all of THAT...we have tubs and boxes of clothes that no longer fit or that simply need to be given to good will, so there is ALOT to do in this room that is supposed to be our little haven away.

And though my husband might kill me for showing you the hidden room...I thought I'd take just a couple before pictures so that we can all see the progress being, we aren't doing any painting or anything this is just a decluttering organizing kind of project:

As we open the door....

Marion's side of the bed

Melanie's side of the bed
(see the baskets of clothes...they get dumped here when company comes) I go to start tackling this project...pray that I come out alive....rofl!

(PS...the kids are ALL sleeping right now...every one of them...apparently yesterday just plain tuckered them out!  Yay for me...I get to start with peace and quiet.)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A GREAT celebration...

Today we had Ethan's 1st Birthday party.  We were so very blessed to have our family here to share with us in this joyous celebration of life.  It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day outside and Marion kept the kids busy with horse and 4-wheeler rides.

Anyway...inside I had managed to get 1st Birthday plates and decorations with wrapping paper that all matched (I didn't intend this...but it did happen that way).  

I asked my sister to take pictures for me...this was the first one she took:

It would have been great if we could have gotten all the kids!

When everyone had gathered, we sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and Marion helped him blow out his candle.  (unfortunately, I'm not good at remembering that I have a video camera now and so I didn't get it recorded...bummer)  Then, Ethan got the first piece of cake:

And then he wanted more cake....and more cake...and more think we cut him off at the third round (mind you they were small  But all in all....he ended up the same way he did the other day...messy!

After all of the cake was eaten, there was a break for outside activities then everyone gathered again for opening presents.  These pictures are not all in order, but I'm not going to reorder

Bilbo seat from Aunt K & Uncle M (and cousins B, E, C)

A K-State football...purchased in Nebraska from Cousin T!

A hand crocheted blanket from Grandma G...sorry...the actual pic of it didn't turn out...
maybe I can get one from Grandma G!

A Huskers Sippy Cup...can you guess who gave him that!
Aunt R asked if Marion would allow his son to drink from such a cup...rofl!

the infamous 'Grandpa's Lil' Helper T-shirt'! in the bottom left can see a small portion of the quilted blanket!
My other children were chomping at the bit to open the present...
they couldn't wait to play with!

Daddy and Grandpa J watching the fun!

The chaos that ensued once the ball popper present was opened!

Ethan and Cousin C finally got some uninterupted play time!
(we had to beat the older boys off...rofl)

 Shortly after presents, everyone stayed for bbq beef sandwiches, chips and fruit...a simple dinner but hopefully enough to satisfy any hunger that might have been there.  Overall, Marion and I felt very blessed to be able to share this day and celebrate the blessed life of our fourth child!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Like Minded Blogs

I am truly amazed at how many blogs I have found out there that reaffirm or share the same like mindedness of the transformations that are happening in our lives.  I know it doesn't sound like many, but there are at least 10 blogs that are actively posting who are all expressing their desires to simplify life, get healthier, go deeper in faith.

Like I said, I know that 10 is not that many but to even find that many with like mindedness encourages me.  I guess lately I have been feeling a little in left field.  I'm okay with being in left field if that is where God wants me, but that doesn't make it any easier on the emotions at times.  ;0)

Truly, I'm cool with being different.  After all...isn't that what the Bible tells us to do.  (And no...I'm not going to convert to the Amish ways as so many of you are worried  I will fully confess, the Amish interest me and I fully agree with that quote that I posted a while back.  (you can find it here) But no people, no group, no religion is perfect!  The only thing perfect in the history of this world was/is Jesus Christ.  Nothing that you do or build your faith on or around will stand but Jesus Christ.  You can choose to be ultra conservative. You can choose to be ultra liberal.  You can choose to be radical.  You can choose to be traditional.  But if Jesus Christ is not directing your steps, then the choices you make are for nothing.

I have been thoroughly encouraged by so many of these blogs.  Some of the things most people would think were just way out there making your own deodorant and shampoo - or going 'no poo' - to be more frugal.  And some of the things most people would think were just getting rid of your microwave to be more healthy.  Then there are the things that would down right worry people like the debate on wearing a head covering for women.  (and no...I'm not doing that...but I really like some of the arguments for doing the constant reminder of the submission God asks of us or how wearing a head covering reminds us to pray more)

But of all these blogs...the central core of all of the journey each person is taking to glorify their God.  They aren't doing these things to be weird or draw attention...each one of them is doing what they feel God is asking them to do - even if 'others' think they are weird.  That encourages me like you wouldn't believe.

And challenges I doing all God asks of me no matter what others think?  Is the reflection of my life (or my blog) glorifying my God in all that I do? Am I afraid to share the convictions of my life because I fear what others will think?

Very good food for thought.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ethan's Cake

We had a terrible time coming up with a theme for Ethan's birthday.  Finally Marion said that we haven't done any barns so maybe I should do one of them.  So, here is Ethan's first birthday cake:

It had a pretzel fence that went across the front (see the green grassy patch)
but it got bumped a bit hard and down went the fence beyond what I could fix.
And Abigail was determined that the cookies did NOT need color...only eyes!

Here you can see a tiny bit of fence still standing!

I made a hay loft and put 'bales' in it...but Marion said it looked more like sacks of flour or something.
I was pretty excited about my hay loft :0)

The back side...nothing too fancy.

I frosted two cookies together in an effort to get them to stand up better...
these are the backsides of the animals...I guess I should have put eyes on them!
Since Ethan got a smash cake on his actual birthday I figure he can just have a chunk of cake at the party!  We can't wait to see everyone on Sunday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Birthday Video

Well, I am really hoping that this works...I took the very short video clip that we got from E's birthday lunch and added a few photos to it to create a short video/slideshow presentation.  

I had made cupcakes today and a little #1 smash cake so that E could have a bit of fun on his actual birthday.  Here is a picture of those:

Then, for lunch we let him have his cake.  I have to say, I think this was the 'funnest' first birthday we've had.  We were reminiscing that Abi was terrified of the candle and cried, not wanting anything to do with the cake after that.  Nathan wasn't afraid but didn't overly dig in, and Jonathan wasn't in the best of moods for his birthday (maybe it was the head peering at him that bothered him ;0)  You can see all but Abi's birthday's in the archives here and here.  Anyway, E had a GREAT time with his is the video:

We have a ONE year old!

How is that possible?  Surely it has not been a YEAR since little E was born...surely not!

*deep sigh*

This last year has gone by too fast...too fast indeed!

I need to find a time to take his one year pictures, but for now, here are a few snap shots taken just recently:

sitting like a big boy laughing on the steps!
walking behind his car (he just started this...though he's terrified since he's taken so many spills...
he would much rather walk outside of his walker and push it around)!
Later today we'll have cupcakes and a little present from us...I'll try to get some pictures for you later.   We will be celebrating with family on Sunday afternoon with his 'real' cake and presents!

Happy Birthday E...we love you!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Last night it began to unexpectedly snow and by this morning, we had a winter wonderland outside:

The crazy thing is, it was all gone by afternoon!  Seriously, other than the huge snowballs that the kids made and the mud, you wouldn't know there had been snow in the yard at all!

Abi now has one too...

Okay...I just couldn't refuse...and as soon as I can get a pattern drafted, E will have some too...then I'll get a picture of all four of the kids in their flaming jammies!  (and I just might have enough left over for Nathan to have another set when he out grows this...but that might be tight...we'll see.)

Please forgive the is late and been a hard day of play!

It's just a night shirt...I just added the flaming material at the bottom.
Look at that smug expression...she is very 'proud' of her new jammies too!
Fortunately, she has lots of room to grow into these as well.  They are rather narrow but what harm is that when you are sleeping!  Stay tuned for E's flaming jammies and the group picture....