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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ethan's Cake

We had a terrible time coming up with a theme for Ethan's birthday.  Finally Marion said that we haven't done any barns so maybe I should do one of them.  So, here is Ethan's first birthday cake:

It had a pretzel fence that went across the front (see the green grassy patch)
but it got bumped a bit hard and down went the fence beyond what I could fix.
And Abigail was determined that the cookies did NOT need color...only eyes!

Here you can see a tiny bit of fence still standing!

I made a hay loft and put 'bales' in it...but Marion said it looked more like sacks of flour or something.
I was pretty excited about my hay loft :0)

The back side...nothing too fancy.

I frosted two cookies together in an effort to get them to stand up better...
these are the backsides of the animals...I guess I should have put eyes on them!
Since Ethan got a smash cake on his actual birthday I figure he can just have a chunk of cake at the party!  We can't wait to see everyone on Sunday!