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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Egg and Olive Oil

Have you ever treated your hair with Egg and Olive Oil!

It was interesting to say the least...but my hair is MUCH softer!  I'm going to order some coconut oil and try the coconut/lemon juice mixture but until I can do that, I have plenty of eggs and olive oil!

If you are wondering WHY I would do such a thing...the ends of my hair are so very dry and damaged from the perm I got almost exactly a year ago (or so).

WOW...that was VERY has relaxed ALOT from that picture!  I guess I didn't realize how much!  Anyway, the ends are VERY frayed and dry so I'm attempting to moisturize them with hot oil, egg/oil, and coconut treatments!  My hair has grown ALOT (or relaxed alot....hehehehe) and is now mid-back length when down and pulled straight.  

I'm thoroughly enjoying the longer hair...I just want my ends to be healthier!