Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Nathan's Jammies - A day off from the wall

I woke up this morning rather sore from the priming yesterday and decided to take a day off from the wall to get some other things done.  I had started the laundry yesterday but figured if I focussed on it I could get it wiped out fairly quickly so I tackled folding the laundry and getting it put away!  YAY!

I also finished Nathan's Jammies that he so desperately wanted!  Actually...they are not the 'flame jammies' he wanted, but I wanted to do a 'trial run' before I cut into his 'good' fabric!  So I let him pick from the fabrics I had and he decided on the beach top and whale bottoms:

The very proud 'I finally get to pose' Nathan!

They look more like hospital scrubs than anything but he says they are very comfy!

I chose not to put in elastic but to do a draw string instead...I kinda like the drawstring better!

He said we needed a side view!

You can see that they are a 'bit' too big but that is the way I wanted them...so he could 'grow' into them.  The pattern I have actually starts at a 7 and Nate is barely in 5/6s so I shortened the pants and shirt, but the neckline was still way to big for him.  But, now that I have the pattern pinned appropriately, I feel more comfortable tackling the flaming jammies when I have my next sewing day.  And yes, I will be trying to alter the neckline for those!

I was also able to make one skirt for myself out of a blue calico that I had purchased.  I was wanting a more all purpose skirt so that I could utilize the various shirts I currently have.  It turned out fairly well considering I just took a pattern from another skirt I had.  I only made two mistakes...neither made the skirt unwearable for home stuff.  (I'm gonna have to remember that when making a pattern from an outfit with elastic that you need to STRETCH the elastic to get an accurate pattern...lol...I have to put the skirt on over my head because I forgot that...LOL)



  1. You talk about painting, and now I see this! Inspiring. Makes me think I can do a little more in my life. I only have two kids
    ( potty trained too ha ha)

  2. Hey Sarah! How is HongKong/South China?

    I want to encourage you...it has only been recently that I have done ANYTHING! But I am learning to walk MomentbyMoment with God and HE gives me the strength and ability to do what I do!

    I have been utterly amazed at how much He guides me to do in a day. Before I felt absolutely frantic to get anything done. But now, I don't even get out of bed until I talk to Him and find out what HE wants for me to do that day! Then, He gives me the strength and ability to get it done. And it is so freeing to not worry about what possibly "isn't" getting done...because if God did not direct me to focus on that, then what He did direct me towards must be more important! And I find that usually, those other things get done too!

    Bless you Sarah! I pray God will be ever more real to you in your days ahead!