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Monday, March 21, 2011

What's up next...

Well, with the wall all fixed and painted and the birthday party behind us, Marion asked what was next on my list of 'projects'.

Now as I have said before, my Aunt Patti has classified me as a "Project Girl" and I am finding more and more how true that is.  I thrive on having projects to do...and most of all what I'm learning is that anything can be a project...from laundry to bread making to redoing a room in the house!

With that in mind, I do have the weekly projects of laundry and house cleaning lined up, but I had promised my husband that as soon as the wall was done and the birthday was over I'd start focusing on our bedroom.  You has been the dump all for EVERYTHING!  It is the room that when people are coming over everything gets shoved into it!  It is also the easiest room to pile things out of sight.  In addition, a few years ago Marion decided that I needed a new chest of drawers to put my clothes in because they were always everywhere...but now...Marion's clothes are always everywhere!  In addition to all of THAT...we have tubs and boxes of clothes that no longer fit or that simply need to be given to good will, so there is ALOT to do in this room that is supposed to be our little haven away.

And though my husband might kill me for showing you the hidden room...I thought I'd take just a couple before pictures so that we can all see the progress being, we aren't doing any painting or anything this is just a decluttering organizing kind of project:

As we open the door....

Marion's side of the bed

Melanie's side of the bed
(see the baskets of clothes...they get dumped here when company comes) I go to start tackling this project...pray that I come out alive....rofl!

(PS...the kids are ALL sleeping right now...every one of them...apparently yesterday just plain tuckered them out!  Yay for me...I get to start with peace and quiet.)