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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Like Minded Blogs

I am truly amazed at how many blogs I have found out there that reaffirm or share the same like mindedness of the transformations that are happening in our lives.  I know it doesn't sound like many, but there are at least 10 blogs that are actively posting who are all expressing their desires to simplify life, get healthier, go deeper in faith.

Like I said, I know that 10 is not that many but to even find that many with like mindedness encourages me.  I guess lately I have been feeling a little in left field.  I'm okay with being in left field if that is where God wants me, but that doesn't make it any easier on the emotions at times.  ;0)

Truly, I'm cool with being different.  After all...isn't that what the Bible tells us to do.  (And no...I'm not going to convert to the Amish ways as so many of you are worried  I will fully confess, the Amish interest me and I fully agree with that quote that I posted a while back.  (you can find it here) But no people, no group, no religion is perfect!  The only thing perfect in the history of this world was/is Jesus Christ.  Nothing that you do or build your faith on or around will stand but Jesus Christ.  You can choose to be ultra conservative. You can choose to be ultra liberal.  You can choose to be radical.  You can choose to be traditional.  But if Jesus Christ is not directing your steps, then the choices you make are for nothing.

I have been thoroughly encouraged by so many of these blogs.  Some of the things most people would think were just way out there making your own deodorant and shampoo - or going 'no poo' - to be more frugal.  And some of the things most people would think were just getting rid of your microwave to be more healthy.  Then there are the things that would down right worry people like the debate on wearing a head covering for women.  (and no...I'm not doing that...but I really like some of the arguments for doing the constant reminder of the submission God asks of us or how wearing a head covering reminds us to pray more)

But of all these blogs...the central core of all of the journey each person is taking to glorify their God.  They aren't doing these things to be weird or draw attention...each one of them is doing what they feel God is asking them to do - even if 'others' think they are weird.  That encourages me like you wouldn't believe.

And challenges I doing all God asks of me no matter what others think?  Is the reflection of my life (or my blog) glorifying my God in all that I do? Am I afraid to share the convictions of my life because I fear what others will think?

Very good food for thought.