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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Project new passion...

Have you seen the many blogs out there that give you step by step instructions on how to do a project?  I follow a few of them.  I love those instructional blogs...those people have a ton of patience and organizational skills.  I don't think that I would have the patience or the foresight to take the pictures as I go...I like to do something and then take pictures.  :0)

I have come to realize that I can take a picture and create the fairly close replica of many things (ie the lockers on the porch, the peasants dress & skirt, the pioneer dress, and even the boot box on the porch.)  Occasionally, I don't look at the picture close enough or try to create it out of memory and then I get messed up (ie Abi's frock dress...ugh that dress still haunts

So, I am really enjoying the skill and time it has taken these people to post step by step instructions for their projects.  I have one project especially that I'm wanting to work on today (if I get a chance).  Here is the link to the dress I want to make for Abi...I think it would make a good play dress and we've got several t-shirts that can be used.

Honestly, some of the fashions at The Sewing Dork aren't my favorite, but she does have some great ideas like the Market Bag and how to make Dishclothes.

Another of my favorite sites is Make it and Love it.  She does all kinds of great things.  She just had a baby and so she's had some guest series and helps from her husband.  I especially love this one.  Here is one like The Sewing Dorks t-shirt dress only slightly different.  Here is a link to all of her tutorials...she does SO MANY different things.  I think I need to do this one for Nathan and Jonny...think they'd like it?

I mean...I could just spend HOURS looking through their sites!

And then there is The Heavenly Homemakers site.  She has SO many great ideas for living healthier, frugal, and productive lives.  She has I think 4 boys!  That right there tells you a TON!  Her latest post was on an Onions Soup mix that does not have MSG...something Marion would love!  She even makes her own Chocolate Chips!

I am so very grateful for these women who share their experiences and lives with those of us in the bloggy world.  (and these are just the project sites...I didn't list all the spiritual and encouraging ones...smiles)


I had better get going...I need to bag up E's old clothes and get out the short sleeves for the kids.  Off we go...