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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We have a ONE year old!

How is that possible?  Surely it has not been a YEAR since little E was born...surely not!

*deep sigh*

This last year has gone by too fast...too fast indeed!

I need to find a time to take his one year pictures, but for now, here are a few snap shots taken just recently:

sitting like a big boy laughing on the steps!
walking behind his car (he just started this...though he's terrified since he's taken so many spills...
he would much rather walk outside of his walker and push it around)!
Later today we'll have cupcakes and a little present from us...I'll try to get some pictures for you later.   We will be celebrating with family on Sunday afternoon with his 'real' cake and presents!

Happy Birthday E...we love you!