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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dinosaurs & Another one 'bit' the dust

This has been quite the 'creation' weekend around here!  On Sunday, Marion had to read a sermon at church and in light of the presentations happening in the area this week, he chose "Intelligent Design" by David Feddes from the Back to God Hour radio broadcast, June 2005.  

Then, this week, Dr. G. Thomas Sharp with Creation Truth Foundation has been in Downs giving presentations supporting a Christ Centered World View in Creation.  You can check out this link for his Online Video Library of Presentations.  I believe there was also a video presentation with Ken Ham at the Grace Baptist Church in Smith Center too this weekend...though Tracy will have to confirm that (it was just the rumor I heard).  :0)  

Anyway, Marion is very interested in all of this kind of stuff and so he was talking up the Dinosaurs with the kids. We even watched a few of the online videos to 'check it out' before we went.  And the kids were very excited to go see the dinosaur bones...which we did tonight!  The kids were very impressed with the replicas.  Abigail's favorite was the 'small t-rex' (I can't remember the name let alone type it...are you kidding me!), Nathan's favorite was the T-res skull, and Jonny liked the 'dinosaur bird'.  I think my favorite was the slab of the Itchyosaures (ya...I tried it...and you can see how well I butchered that one!) which showed how the fossilization had to have happened very rapidly because the mother was in the midst of giving birth...there were three outside by the tail, one that had just been born, and one still in the womb that you could see...that was pretty amazing to me! Marion agreed with Nathan that the t-rex skull was pretty cool, but he also liked the large bison horns there.  (you'll have to ask him more about that) Anyway, we were able to listen to about 30 minutes of the lecture before the kids became too restless.  I then took the kids to the van while Marion browsed the books and got a few things for the kids.

In other we were trying to get ready to leave to go see the Dinosaurs, Nathan bonked Abigail with the refrigerator door and knocked her tooth out...fortunately, it was already very tooth #5 has bit the dust!  

Another gaping smile...

close up...#5 gone!
She has actually been complaining for the last couple of days that the tooth was so loose that she couldn't eat but also told me it "wasn't ready to come out yet".  I wasn't going to force it as I didn't feel it was that loose yet.  And it turns out, this way was the best way for it to come as there was very little pain or panic on her part!  So now two of her teeth have been 'knocked' out, one has just fallen out and two have been pulled.  I have to say...the non-pulled ones have been the best experience!