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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Renovation - Living Room

Today's project:  The Living Room Windows

Unfortunately, it didn't go as well as I had envisioned   

We have these beautiful deep welled windows.  

But when they put in the new windows (the shorter ones) there were several spots that were marred - which will require some sanding and maybe even filler to fix.  These windows have needed some attention for awhile but I never could find the matching Formby's that Mom used to treat the windows and I wasn't sure how to match it free hand (not to mention the fact that we've had babies and young kids for years).  

Anyway, we finally decided to tackle this project.

Here is what the window edges looked like before I started...blended and smooth. 

After I used the Formby's Refinisher, this is what  I had.

From the picture, it would look like I had success, but if you look toward the bottom you'll see that I still have some layers to take off and I used an entire jug of the remover on just this one panel - and I should have probably not pushed it as far as I did.  So did work, but WOWsers...the remover is going to add up fast!!  

Let's can cost somewhere between $9-$10 and I didn't even get one window panel done.  I've got four windows in this room...if I have to use 4 containers per window...we are looking at $40 a window...$160 for all the windows!  That doesn't include the entryway, trim or any of the other stuff I need like the gloves or the steel wool pads.  

I'd estimate that it will be around $200.00 for this room alone!  I guess that isn't too bad in the scheme of things.  

Now to decide if it would be more cost effective to buy the fancy infrared machine or continue with good ole' elbow grease and icky stinky chemicals!  

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One of our Christmas gifts explained!

For Christmas our family was blessed with an iPad2. I cannot tell you how thrilled we all are to have received this amazing gift (well...all but Marion that

Don't get me wrong, Marion is very thankful for the gift but he hasn't fallen in love with it like the rest of us have! (though I do think he is very excited about the weather channel

Anyway, we are all very blessed to have received this gift and we have been having a blast trying to figure it all out. I have some pictures of the kids using it for school and I'll post those later, but for now I wanted to see how easy it would be to post via the iPad.

So, here it goes our first iPad post!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Renovation - Kitchen

Okay, so this is what our kitchen looks like right now:

Please pardon the was laundry day when I took this pic!

We've got chipped paint.

worn spots
This wall actually still looks nice.
And then the cabinets over here
(sorry for the blur!)
I have loved the bright colors that matched our Summer Breeze Dishes, but a few things I learned was (a) it is impossible to repair a painted texture wall so that it matches, (b) light colors attract and show dirt WAY worse than dark, and (c) after awhile, change can be good!

So, that left me with the dilemma of what I was going to do in this room.  First thing I needed was a color scheme that I liked.  And very fortunately, the inspiration came with my Christmas Present from Marion's brother Marvin!  

Marvin was at an FFA Auction and saw this huge box of coffee stuff and he thought "I've got Melanie's name...and she needs this!"  So he bought it for me.  It was chucked full of all kinds of stuff...but that is for a different post...for this post...what you need to see is the box it came in:

Let's take a closer look if we can:

(in the picture you can't really tell the difference between the brown and black but there is one)
So, I went to town today and while in the Lumber store, I picked out these:

I was totally blown away when I got home, because even though it doesn't look like it in the pictures, the red and brown on the paint chips matches almost perfectly with the box.  I knew the yellow would be darker but I wanted it to be that way!

The little 'tile' piece is actually going to be the new desk/counter area in the "office" part of the kitchen.  The main color will be the yellow with the accents of the red and brown.  I might get bold enough to do some fancy painting/stripes with the paneling boards, but I haven't decided exactly on that yet.

I'm so excited!  Now, if we could just get the countertop/desk portion of the renovation figured out, we'd be all set to start!  I'm waiting for a few quotes to come back from Koster's Lumber and then we'll make a decision (I hope).  I can't really start painting until we rip out the old counter on the west wall and we can't do that until we know what counter we are replacing it with.

The cabinets in the actual kitchen part need some serious help.  The doors are starting to show the wear of the years and I have several spots where the varnish has worn off around the handle especially.  We haven't made any final decisions about what we are doing there, but we'll need to come up with something to 'upgrade' the wood on them.  I'm thinking handles and possibly hinges with a new coat of varnish maybe!

Other updates in the kitchen are the new light fixtures that will be going up, new curtains to match the new colors scheme, and some work on the back splash/tile area of the cabinets.  (I'm thinking some faux painting on the back splash or some of that new Fascade Decorative Thermoplastic Backsplash)

Can't wait to get started!

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Sorry for the absence...

OH I have alot to catch up on, but I don't have the time right now.  I'll just give you a taste of what is to come and leave you all hungry for more info...LOL!

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving and really enjoyed the time with family...though we missed Aunt K!

We also celebrated a wonderful Schlatter Christmas and I can't wait to share with you some of our gifts!

Since then, I've been trying to get things organized around the house, back in the routine of school, introducing a new routine with Jonathan, and dealing with a sick and cranky E!

I also have been working on plans for our house renovation which will be starting soon.  (no, we aren't adding the addition yet, but we are going to be doing some renovations with what we have first)

So, I'll be trying to get some things updated over the next few weeks before Christmas hits and we have another plethora of posts!

Until then...blessings!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

iPad Fun

As previously mentioned, we got an iPad for Christmas.  We are so very excited about it!

Here are a couple of pictures of the kids using the iPad for school - the main reason we asked for one!

Nathan doing reading drills.

Reading words by association.

Reading words not yet covered in school, but still getting them right!

Abigail doing a Math Game - Math BINGO

Earning a Bingo and a Bug!
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Calling all MOMS...Calling all MOMS!

WARNING:  Too Much Information May Follow!

I need some help!

Ethan and I have been struggling for some time now with sores on his bum!  They seem to appear whenever he has a poopy diaper, but if he hasn't had a poopy for a while, they get better.

We've tried treating yeast, but that isn't it.

I try to change him as soon as I notice he is poopy but that doesn't seem to help either.

Acquafir seems to be the best barrier protection I have found so far for his issue, but it hasn't solved the problem, only treated the symptoms of the problem. And if I don't have Acuafir on him and he poops, the sores are right back.

However, after just one treatment of Acquafir there is usually a drastic improvement - Grandma saw the same thing with the Aveeno she used, but hasn't solved the problem, only treated the result.

I haven't been able to figure out if it is a reaction to the poop and the LUVs or if it is something he's been eating????  Any help or suggestions you have would be GREAT!

Thanks in advance for any comments left!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend - Part 4

Christmas Exchange

Cousins W & P, Abi, Uncle Marvin, Cousin T

Aunt H, Uncle Mark, Cousins B, C, and E

Grandpa and Grandma Schlatter, Cousin MH

E opening his present


All the girls got hair salon stuff from Grandma Schlatter.

Uncle Mark in his SNUGGLY

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend - Part 3

Watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special


Gingerbread Houses

Nate and Cousin E
Cousins W and  B

Nate and Cousin E

Abi, Cousins W and P

Cousin P

Cousin W


Cousin T

Girls singing before present time...
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