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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY - HexBug Maze

Nathan got a couple of Hexbugs for his birthday with a starter maze - and he loves them! So, naturally, he started asking for more Hexbug stuff for Christmas!  Now, if you look at Walmart you'll see that a large maze set runs about $30 or more!  

Well, the last time we were at Cousin B's house, he showed Nathan his homemade Hexbug maze and Nathan came home 'begging' for one.  I'm not joking...every day he would ask "So, when can we make my Hexbug maze?" 

Finally, I sat down with him and we did it!  So here is our step by step guide. Materials needed:  
Large box to hold maze 
duct tape - can be colored -- we only had plain old gray
Popsicle Sticks
And a large marble (according to B and Nathan ;0)

So, first, we took the box and drew the lines out for how we wanted the maze to look:

Our box had holes in the bottom,
so we duct taped them twice to provide a flat surface.
We also taped the ends and sides where there were holes.  

A closer look of our Mapping.
 Next, you'll start by selecting a spot and cutting a Popsicle stick the right length.  Tear off a piece of duct tape the same size and wrap the stick inside leaving a flap of tape on each side.  Here are step by step pictures of what I mean:

Stick and Tape about the same length.

Press the stick in the center on one side.
Fold the tap back so that it doesn't stick to the other side.

Then press other side down and fold back that side too.
Now, take your tape covered Popsicle stick and position it on the box pressing tightly next to the stick.

You can see how it stands on its own but the edges have not been anchored yet.
Now securely press down all edges.
Make sure there are no edges or the Hexbugs will get stuck.
Continue around your board, butting edges of sticks to make walls and leaving gaps for doorways.  We found it helpful to tear off small narrow strips to reinforces the corners and ends.

You can see how the end of this corner has been reinforced.
 After getting all the walls up.  Check them with a large marble to see if any need anchored more.  If a marble knocks down a wall, the Hexbug will too!

Our Finished Product!

HexBug actively enjoying the MAZE!

Another picture of the Hexbug in the maze.
Now, I think we will be able to use the door I made on this far left end to attach the store bought maze and allow the hexbugs to have a larger play area.  So far it has been a huge hit and has been played with every day!  At this rate, I'm gonna need to invest in some small batteries to replenish the Hexbug energy BEFORE Christmas comes!

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