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Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Awesome Praise for an Awe Struck Sunday!

Our God is so good!

Can I get an AMEN on that!

As you all know, I've been struggling with my thumb.  Though I was wearing the brace, it was still hurting me tremendously and I was going to go back into the doctor but he was gone until Monday so we decided to just tough it out until I could go in and see him.

From what research I did and from what advice I had gotten from various trusted resources, it appeared that I had a pinched nerve when the dislocation happened.  This is what was causing the sharp pains that went up my arm when I moved it just right.

My dad had suggested that I brace my self - maybe take a shot of bourbon - and try to relocate it myself, but I just couldn't do that!  (I didn't have any bourbon on

However, our Gracious GOD in his WISDOM...knew what needed to be done and yesterday as I was drying my hand, my thumb POPPED.  Loud and hard!  It hurt like there would be no tomorrow but within minutes is actually started feeling BETTER! And today...there is little to no pain at all!  Some soreness but nothing like it has been for the past two weeks!


I truly believe this was in His timing, for just the night before I was awake and praying mid night and I surrendered my hand and my arm to HIM...stating that I'd lay down my fears and walk in the path that HE would lead me.

You cannot convince me that it was just coincidence that the very next day things happened!


And thanks to all of you who have been praying and giving me good advice.  I appreciate and love you all...blessings from our FATHER!

PS...I am now going to start on the 2 week healing regimen that the doctor had originally given me. I'll wear the brace for 1 week to give the muscles and tissues in my thumb a chance to heal and readjust after being stretched for so long and to protect it.  Then I'll start working my way out of the brace exercising it and building it back to normal use.

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