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Friday, November 04, 2011

A Few Thoughts from this past week...

1.  Cuisinart Pans are the bomb...they withstand heat very well and don't warp when left on and empty!  But beware...the house will fill with smoke...DON'T ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME.

2.  When your child screams "I've got a rice crispy up my nose!" Don't will eventually come out if he blows his nose enough...oh...and don't ask how that happened!

3.  If you try to open a jar and it won't go easily...just save it for your husband.  The pain of spraining your thumb is really not worth the contents of the jar!  Besides...your husband will be able to effortlessly twist it open and look at you like you've lost your mind when you tell him what happened to you.

4.  When taking all 4 children in to get their shots...don't try to plan too much because your Nano won't work properly to distract them, the doll they brought won't be of any use, and you'll be utter surprised as to which ones react and which ones don't.  Just go with the flow and reward them afterwards with a shopping spree!

5.  When trying to be's always easiest to have something in the freezer.  It is a real pain to try to make cookies last minute when you have no butter or brown sugar made up and you can't get to the store.  Your guests will never know that you spent all day making butter and brown sugar to make them cookies when the cookie dough is still chilling in the refrigerator when they leave.

6.  As a quote from Marion, "Men like simple best."  (Never mind that homemade granola and yogurt parfaits are the simplest for you...not to mention much healthier than cookies.)

7.  Always check the freezer first when counting on something being there...don't take it for granted that it hasn't disappeared since you last looked in there.  Otherwise you will be replaying #5 all over again!

8.  Though you will be surprised at how well making healthier choices is accepted by your family and your husband will respond positively (losing 6 lbs in the month), don't expect the same for yourself.  Remember, you can still gain weight on lettuce sandwiches and celery.  It's just the way of this world!

9.  When you continually hear the same thing again and again on the radio programs you listen to and then again the same point is reinforced with e-mails and on the blogs you read...don't try to go to bed until you settle up with your Lord...your sleep will be much more rewarding of you don't ignore HIM!

Blessings from the M&M Farm for the first week of November!

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