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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Renovation - Living Room

Today's project:  The Living Room Windows

Unfortunately, it didn't go as well as I had envisioned   

We have these beautiful deep welled windows.  

But when they put in the new windows (the shorter ones) there were several spots that were marred - which will require some sanding and maybe even filler to fix.  These windows have needed some attention for awhile but I never could find the matching Formby's that Mom used to treat the windows and I wasn't sure how to match it free hand (not to mention the fact that we've had babies and young kids for years).  

Anyway, we finally decided to tackle this project.

Here is what the window edges looked like before I started...blended and smooth. 

After I used the Formby's Refinisher, this is what  I had.

From the picture, it would look like I had success, but if you look toward the bottom you'll see that I still have some layers to take off and I used an entire jug of the remover on just this one panel - and I should have probably not pushed it as far as I did.  So did work, but WOWsers...the remover is going to add up fast!!  

Let's can cost somewhere between $9-$10 and I didn't even get one window panel done.  I've got four windows in this room...if I have to use 4 containers per window...we are looking at $40 a window...$160 for all the windows!  That doesn't include the entryway, trim or any of the other stuff I need like the gloves or the steel wool pads.  

I'd estimate that it will be around $200.00 for this room alone!  I guess that isn't too bad in the scheme of things.  

Now to decide if it would be more cost effective to buy the fancy infrared machine or continue with good ole' elbow grease and icky stinky chemicals!  

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