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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mommy Got a Break

Well, I just got back from my trip to see my Mom and Sister.

It was a very good trip to clear my head and refocus on what is important in life. Somehow I had gotten sidetracked in my way of looking at things and getting away really seemed to help me appreciate what is important in life - my relationship with God and my family.

Recently in our community, a 34 year old mother of three young children died suddenly from a blood clot...her youngest was only months old. This really shook Marion and we talked about the situation many times. He posed a question to me as to what I would do if suddenly he or the kids were gone. I thought about it alot on this trip (especially being away from them).

I realized more than I have ever before that I am living my dream. I have said for years that all I ever wanted to be in life was a wife and mother. But somehow I had lost sight of that truth. Maybe life is harder than I thought, or maybe my focus was in the wrong place. Whatever was the issue, this trip really helped me see that THIS IS MY DREAM!

I have a wonderful, faithful, God-fearing husband - who is not perfect, but probably as close as I could ever get to having one that was! I have three beautiful children - each unique with their talents, blessings, and future potential. Each day they grow, offers me a new opportunity to guide them closer to God - what more purpose could one person ask for?

Yes, it is alot of work. Yes, there will be trials and temptations. Yes, life is not perfect now. Yes, I will get tired and need a break. BUT...God is faithful and He promises never to leave me. I just read in 1 Peter 1 today how the testing of our faith is meant to bring either honor or disgrace to each of us when Christ sure want my testing to bring honor...What about you?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Scarecrows, Cowboys, & Pirates

Yes, indeed, we have had quite the range of characters visit our house lately. The kids have been using their imaginations like never before.

I'd like to assure you that neither I nor Daddy had anything to do with any of these costumes (I did help them tie the bandanas on...but they brought it to me...that is the ONLY thing I did to help them.)


(you can't see them very well in the above picture, but Abigail had on Daddy's work boots.)

(Nathan really wanted his hands to hang out like Abigails, but couldn't quite make the short sleeves do what he wanted.)


I walked into the dining room to see Abigail 'saddled' on the dinosaur with Nathan's backpack, the rope twirling, and Nathan mooing.

Below, Cowgirl Abigail captures her runaway cow. (I took the picture as I reprimanded her for having the rope around his neck...we don't allow that...most of the time they put the rope around the chest...but apparantely she couldn't get it there while he was on all fours.)

The first two pics are of the kids, just dressed up...

Then I had them say 'ARGH' like a pirate...this is what resulted:

Now...ain't that just adorable!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Okay, today is an updating day...I'm going to try to get several things updated on here. It has only been three weeks since I last updated about Jonathan's birthday but I've heard from a few of you so here we go!

Seriously, the biggest thing going on around our house is sicknesses...Mommy is SOOOOO tired of sickness! Fortunately, as of late it has been more Mommy than the kids, and she is thankful for that even though she hasn't felt well.

Other general things happening:

Abigail is continuing in preschool. She is doing well with her phonics and memory verses and we are very excited to see her continuing to love learning.

Nathan has finally accomplished his potty training. He has had several nights dry with pull ups for over a week and two successful dry nights with undies only! Praise God! That has been a huge relief.

Jonathan has his seventh tooth and is trying to talk...actually he talks up a storm but you can't understand most of what he says...tehre are obvious times that it sounds like he is saying things like 'I did it', 'I go', or 'I got it' but they are not clear. He also has his own way of saying thank you and loves to play the game where he hands something to you, you give it back and say thank you then it repeats with him saying thank you. Grandma Schlatter also got him to say doggie and kitty.

The kids have loved the mild winter and beg to go outside whenever they can, which Mommy gladly lets them do. I don't know what we will do with Jonathan though for he struggles to walk in shoes and we have far to many stickers for him to be outside crawling around. I have been trying to work on the walking with shoes thing...but they just throw his balance off.

Well, those are the, let's get to the specific events of the last few weeks...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jonathan's one year check up...

Yes, I know, I am running behind on this...but least I got him in while he was one!

Anyway, we took him in for his check up and he is doing great! He weighed 25 pounds and was 30 inches long and had a head circumfrance of 18!

From what my charts say, that makes him 75% in weight and 50% in height. Though I think the doctor said he was more like 80% in weight and 60% in height but I think the difference was between charting him at 12 months or 13 months.

Anwyay, he had a good check up and entertained us all with blowing great bubbles with his spit!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines 2009

Marion and I were talking and we think that it has been about six years since we went out on Valentines day. The last time we can remember was our first Valentine's together...don't get me wrong, we have celebrated, but neither of us can remember going out!

Well, this year, he took me to the Chocolate Lovers Affair in Downs. They had local singers and then a wonderful chocolate buffet to enjoy while the singers continued to entertain. It was an enjoyable evening.

Though that would be memorable enough, we will probably always remember this Valentine's day more so because Marion wanted to take me out for dinner ahead of time and arranged for the kids to go to Grandma's in plenty of time for us to get to Glen Elder to a really good barbecue place called Long Riders. The only problem...Long Riders closed and Marion didn't know it. However, he didn't plan enough time to drive all the way to Glen Elder and back and then to some place else that had a nice what did we do? We ate at the convenient sports store that has Hot Stuff Pizza! Marion was decked out in a suit and tie and I had on a dress.

He was pretty embarrassed and couldn't believe that the first time he takes me out on Valentine's day in six years we eat at the convenient store.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Hair Cut...

Well, Jonathan got his first hair cut today. We took about an inch off all over. It was really getting ragged and long in the back, though the top and sides still looked fine.

Nathan also got a hair cut, he wanted his picture taken too. His was really getting long and he doesn't like to get his hair cut. I try to go shorter on the sides and a tad longer on the top. It REALLY changed Nathan's looks but I didn't see that much change in Jonathan's.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Winter Picnic

How many times do you see a family out picnicing in February?

Well, that is what we did the other day! It was a beautiful day out and the kids thought it would be fun to have dinner outside. So, we loaded up the picnic basket that Abigail got for her birthday last year, and headed out side.

(Mind you, this was a time when Mommy was rather ill and so she sat on the swing while the rest of them ate their sandwiches. And because we had to do this early to take advantage of the warm weather, Jonathan was still napping inside.)

They had a great time watching planes pass overhead and trying to play fetch with Spottie!

I don't know what exactly this was all about, but it was cute as they were laying right beside each other with their heads together like they were snuggling.