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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A unique swim

Have you ever watched the Walton's? Do you ever recall one of the times when they went to the swimming hole to play in the local pond? Marion has had this nostalgic idea of how fun that would have been in those days. Therefore, when he found a pond in the pasture that was fairly clean after a 4 inch rain, he just couldn't let the opportunity pass. After debating it for a few days, we finally took a family trip out to the pond.

I forgot the camera at home, but fortunately Marion had his cell phone and I could use the camera on it. The pictures aren't the best quality, but at least you get the idea!

Only Marion, Jonny, and Abi got in the pond. Nathan didn't want to try it because he thought he'd drown and I had to stay out with Ethan. Jonny tried it for a little bit but didn't want Daddy to let him go, so after a while, Marion put him on the shore so he could actually swim across the pond! On the far side of the pond was a waterfall that Nathan and Abi played in while Daddy swam. In the end, everyone but Ethan and I were drenched! It was a fun little family excursion on our own little farm in Kansas.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Great Flood of 2010...

Over the years of living here, we've had a few times when the water has come down in such torrents that the low lands have flooded...this year...was one of those years!  I'm told that the water levels in these pictures are by far not the highest that has been seen, but to me, they are still pretty amazing.  

We went on a 'flood' are the pictures that we took at various places around the county...some our places, some others.

A nice little waterfall tucked under a tree.

Believe it or not...there is actually a FENCE in the middle of the LARGER POND.

A much BIGGER waterfall.

Wow...that looks like

Another little waterfall...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Abi's 6th Birthday - Afternoon

As I said, we headed up to Gothenburg after breakfast on Abi's birthday for a time of celebration and also for a garage sale the next day at Aunt Roxanne's house.

That afternoon, the kids decided to get out the slip and slide in the back yard and have some they are:

Cousin A

Cousin K


trying to fix the side sprinklers...

Jonny just sat!

Cousin A playing with Jonny and his 'tiggie'

Cousin K holding E!

present time...

Cool...a jump rope!

WOW a bunch of RINGS!  Just what I wanted!

Abi and her had a bit of trouble traveling all the way to Gothenburg...just a bit too 'delicate'!
But, we managed to salvage parts of the crown so she still has a 'tiara'.

blowing out the candles!  (notice...nate is trying to help from the sidelines)
Overall, I think Abi had a great birthday even if a bit unusual in that we spent 1/2 the day traveling in a VERY overstuffed van!

Abi's 6th Birthday - Morning

Abi started her birthday weekend with pink heart shaped pancakes, fresh strawberry syrup and a few presents from Grandma Makey and Mommy&Daddy!

We try to remember to use the Celebrate Plate from Pampered Chef whenever we have special days like Birthday!

Grandma's Gifts!
(she doesn't look very happy...she wasn't 'thrilled' with ANY of her gifts that

presents from Mommy & Daddy...
Clothes for her My Twinn Doll!

Abigirl (what we call the twinn doll). all dressed up in her new Nautical Outfit...Ready for School!

Abi and Abigirl!

After breakfast, we headed up to Gothenburg for a garage sale and fun with the cousins!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Abigail's Birthday Cake

Well, this year Abigail requested a princess cake...and not just a flat sheet cake with a princess on it but an actually PRINCESS!  So, using the stand up bear cake pan I have...this is what I came up with!

She looks a bit like Miss Piggie but Abigail loved her so that is all that really counts...right?!

The crown is made by drawing a crown on a piece of paper, then putting wax paper over the top, and taping both to a jar...then I took an icing recipe (I don't remember which one) and piping it several times over the design.  Once it dried, I removed the jar and set it delicately on top of her head!

The curls for the hair was made with a chocolate fondant that I wrapped around straws until dry.  Then I took the various curls and pushed them into the frosted hair!

The skirt is again fondant.  This was the first time I've worked with fondant and to be honest....I'm not very good at!  It was a VERY big mess and I about quit...but in the end, I think we made it all work out!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The classical farm-girl!

I just LOVE this picture....seriously...what could be cuter than a little girl in piggy braids all dressed up and wearing FARM boots!  The fact that the laundry is hanging in the background and the grass is so green is only icing on the cake...I just LOVE it!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Down's Celebration 2010

One of our yearly traditions is the Down's Celebration. Here are the pictures from this year:

Jonny has to have his monkey to keep him from running away!

Eating Popsicles that were thrown to the kids while watching the floats...

Ethan's first parade!

Sitting with Grandma Makey

A bit wind blown but having a great time!

AvaLee and her car - we used to help drive this car years ago when Abi was just a baby...
now there are too many of us to

The crew!

Like Daddy...Like Son...(if only their shirts matched)

Stuffed animals that were thrown to the kids...

Jonny got a stuffed Ernie!

Go for the CANDY!

Quick or someone else is gonna get it...

Grab as much as you can...

Umm...that is scary...I'll just hide behind Daddy!

YES...that is a DOG in front of that lady RIDING A BiCyCle!

I'm getting SLEEPY!

All Decked Out with Jewelry from the name it...

Jonny wanted a turn with getting candy...but he wouldn't stay close Daddy went with him!

After the Parade...we usually take the kids downtown to the carnival!

Here is Nate waiting for the ride to start...they LOVED this one...and wanted to do it several times!

Here is Jonny...Daddy wasn't sure he'd like it...but he DID!

Here is Abi...

Around we GO!
Next year I HAVE to take a picture of the ONE thing that is MANDATORY at the Down's Celebration...the Football Team Lemonade!  That and the Lion's Club Hamburgers and the Homemade IceCream.  (of can't be a celebration without FOOD!)

We also enjoy seeing so many friends and family there.  It seems that we never really get to visit anymore as by the time the kids are done they are DONE...and it is time for us to leave....but it is a great time and we enjoy even the brief waves to friends and family!  I'm sure the day will be here far quicker than I'd like to admit when the kids will run off without us and we'll be left wondering where the days went when we did this as a for now...I'll enjoy whatever time I get...even the brief waves as we haul over tired kids to the van!