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Saturday, July 03, 2010

End of Harvest Dinner

Mark and Marvin decided to come back up on July 3rd for an end of harvest dinner. We are so very thankful for the help we've gotten from the brothers. Actually, we are so very blessed by family in general.

Grandma Schlatter hosted the dinner at her house in their garage. We were able to share the time with family friends, the Boxums. In the picture below, you can see the horde of kids that we had all watching Uncle Mark light snakes on fire (the firework kind). They were all rather intrigued with the process.

Here are three of the little ones...though Cousin E isn't so little anymore. Let me tell you we had a war with all the trikes, bikes, and tractors.

Here Grandma is snuggling a tired Ethan.

The older kids had a great time playing with sidewalk chalk.

And proof of harvest being over...Daddy taking a rest with Little E.

Thanks again to all who worked so hard for harvest to go off so well. Without the meals being served, the trucks being moved around, the grain cart running, and the family to enjoy it with, harvest just wouldn't be the same.