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Friday, July 16, 2010

Abi's 6th Birthday - Morning

Abi started her birthday weekend with pink heart shaped pancakes, fresh strawberry syrup and a few presents from Grandma Makey and Mommy&Daddy!

We try to remember to use the Celebrate Plate from Pampered Chef whenever we have special days like Birthday!

Grandma's Gifts!
(she doesn't look very happy...she wasn't 'thrilled' with ANY of her gifts that

presents from Mommy & Daddy...
Clothes for her My Twinn Doll!

Abigirl (what we call the twinn doll). all dressed up in her new Nautical Outfit...Ready for School!

Abi and Abigirl!

After breakfast, we headed up to Gothenburg for a garage sale and fun with the cousins!