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Friday, July 16, 2010

Abi's 6th Birthday - Afternoon

As I said, we headed up to Gothenburg after breakfast on Abi's birthday for a time of celebration and also for a garage sale the next day at Aunt Roxanne's house.

That afternoon, the kids decided to get out the slip and slide in the back yard and have some they are:

Cousin A

Cousin K


trying to fix the side sprinklers...

Jonny just sat!

Cousin A playing with Jonny and his 'tiggie'

Cousin K holding E!

present time...

Cool...a jump rope!

WOW a bunch of RINGS!  Just what I wanted!

Abi and her had a bit of trouble traveling all the way to Gothenburg...just a bit too 'delicate'!
But, we managed to salvage parts of the crown so she still has a 'tiara'.

blowing out the candles!  (notice...nate is trying to help from the sidelines)
Overall, I think Abi had a great birthday even if a bit unusual in that we spent 1/2 the day traveling in a VERY overstuffed van!