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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Nathan & Jonny

Well, we have had one whole day where Jonny has stayed dry! His first three days were good and then he started going down hill - having accidents rather frequently. But today, he not only went to Grandma's and stayed dry, but he went with Daddy for a while this afternoon and did great there too! I am sure we will have more accidents down the road, but it is so encouraging to be making progress.

With that in mind, we are praying for progress with Nathan's ear infections. He now has a middle ear infection in his left ear and an outer ear infection in his right one. He is pretty miserable and in lots of pain. I am praying the antibiotic starts kicking in to give him some relief. I had to go back to town today to get some ibuprofen to rotate with the Tylenol because the pain was just too much for him. I wish there was more I could do for him, but unfortunately we just have to wait it out and let the medicine take effect.

On a totally different note, the kids have been having a GREAT time with the kitties on the porch. Daddy decided to let them out and wander around the porch and they have all been having a great time with hide and seek, romping around, and playing.