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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We've Got Teeth - Sort of :-)

Jonathan has been working on teething for MONTHS now...he chews and chews and chews but we haven't seen any evidence of actual teeth until today!  When I put him down this morning in the high chair he started to fuss and when I looked down I saw the very tiny slit where the tooth was poking through and the one next to it was red like maybe it was getting close.  If you put your finger in there you can't feel it but if you rub the back of your finger nail across his gums you can feel it catch on your nail.  So, we are very close to having at least one all the way through!
Just thought I'd share the accomplishment.  I know I have SO much to catch up with on here...maybe one day!

Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July

With harvest going, we were not able to go see any of the BIG fireworks like we have in the past, so I decided to purchase some "bigger" fireworks to shoot off at home. With Marion's brother's family here we decided to go ahead and do them at Jim & Marianne's.

Earlier in the day we did the snap fireworks and smoke bombs...I also had gotten some race cars and tanks that I thought would be fun for the boys...they were a little wild though!

I have this picture of the kids all bunched up with Aunt Karla by the door as the cars are trying to race down the drive way and going everywhere making all kinds of noises...I'll try to post that one for you!

Anyway, I think we had a nice 4th of July. I miss those times back in my childhood where the Converse's would gather at Grandma's and we'd picnic and spend the day playing and visiting and then in the evening we'd all car pool to Scottsbluff to find a spot sitting at WNCC (the community college) to watch the big fireworks...

I will also never forget the first Fourth of July I had in was one of those times when you sit there in awe with your mouth dropped open...if I thought WNCC was big...then this was was in comparison to personal fireworks vs professional...only 120 times more!

Anyway...enough reminising...we had a good one...I have come to understand that with harvest you may or may not be able to go somewhere to celebrate so I embrace what we can! Here are some pics..the kids playing ball, fireworks, & hopefully the door huddle!