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Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Evenings Entertainment

What do the M&M Schlatter kids do for fun in the evenings?

*Yes...Abi is Striking a Pose again...and this time she got Jonny to join her!*

We build trains!

Well, more accurately, we build a train track to drive trains on!  But get the point.

The idea started off as a simple ploy to entertain cousin Caroline who was over with her daddy, Cousin Larry.  But the next night it morphed into Nathan building a real track.  

When he was struggling with getting his bridge to stay (the yellow one there), Mommy got involved.  Then E got done playing with his 'track' and Jonny and Abi wanted to have some fun too, so Mommy helped add on the second track with the two blue bridges. 

Ethan was in bed by this time and the Farmer was sitting on the sidelines reading to us as we played. 

Then they started getting more detailed.  Like having a forest...not just trees but all the trees together in a forest! (later they used small lincoln logs to haul 'wood' from the forest).

And finally, they decided they all needed homes.  Abi used the German Depot as her spot, and Jonny took a place in the 'country' - that big open blank spot on the far right.  But leave it to Nathan to go all out...he got the lincoln logs and made himself a cabin with a chimney and door!  He even added in the ramp to 'park' his trains and a corral for to fence in his horse!

No one can ever say that the M&M Schlatter children lack imagination!

As we wound down the night, I asked the Farmer if he wanted us to clean it all up, but he said, "No, I'll just try not to run into it when I get up in the night."  And surprising enough, the track made it through all the getting ready for beds and midnight trips to the bathroom!

I don't know how long it will stay up, but I can tell you that it was mighty hard to get everyone ready for church because they were so focused on playing with the trains!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Bon Fire

We are lighting up the sky this year with bonfires!

I don't know that we have EVER had this many bonfires in one year before.  It all started back in September when we had the Hall family come over for a bonfire in our yard. The kids had a great time roasting hot dogs, running around the fire, and eating smores.

Then, two weeks later, we had the Schlatter Fall gathering at Grandma and Grandpa Schlatter's house in conjunction with Nathan's birthday. (See this post.)

Then a week after that Nathan was invited to go to a sleepover and bonfire at the Christian home. (Granted, this wasn't the whole family, but it was still a bonfire activity).

And that brings us to our last bonfire event - the LIGHT Homeschooler's bonfire.

Now, our family has not done a lot with the homeschoolers group before, but this year I think we are going to try to do a few more things.  And our first event (as a family) was this bonfire.  They had the usual - hot dogs and chili - and lots of other fun stuff as sides and goodies.  They didn't do smores but I had taken Indoor Smores so there was chocolate and marshmallows!

It was a very cold night and the kids weren't very prepared for that so they didn't have as much fun as they could have but by the end of the night I had to go hunting around to find Nathan because he had made a friend and was off playing.

I'd say after a few more meetings all my kids will be off with new friends.  Abi would have disappeared if the Ducote family had been there, but for whatever reason they didn't make it.  Abi has started to get to know Elizabeth rather well at Kids4Truth.

Sorry I don't have any pictures for you.  Between forgetting my camera and chasing down four freezing kids I didn't get much time for pictures!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Makes a Farmer Proud?

That's right...seeing his offspring all dressed up ready for work!

Now let me explain.  It has suddenly gotten very cold around here.  And the Farmer still expects the kids to go out each morning and do their chores.  Well, the last few mornings have been torture because no one had warm coats, boots, etc.  (mostly because they lost the boots previously purchased for them...and the coats were still in storage...but that is another story).  Anyway, so I went to Orschlens to see about some new boots and I noticed their coverall...and an idea hit me so hard I about fell over!  (not really but it sounds good)

So, I started looking through the sizes and lo and behold, they had a perfect size for each child.  Then we noticed the insulated work gloves and the stocking caps with the eye holes.  When we were all said and done there is not one child who could complain about being cold for chores!

Even with the stocking caps on you can tell which one is Abi...
she's the one really striking the!

We decided to get all dressed up and show the Farmer that night so he knew what to expect the next morning.  When the kids came in, Mommy got a kiss!  Apparently he was very pleased!  And the best thing is that as E outgrows his, he will fit into Jonny's...and as Jonny outgrows his, he will fit into Nathan's...and as Nathan outgrows his, he will fit into Abi's...and by the time Abi outgrows her's...well...we will either get her a new one or she won't be doing outside chores anymore! (they have that much room to grow)

***Now, you will notice that Ethan only has overalls, not coveralls.  They didn't have coveralls in his size, but crazy thing is the only size of overalls they had were his!  It was meant to be. Oh...and he won't wear the mask over his face!***

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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Cutest Little Boy

Granted, I might be a bit prejudice...but'll have to agree after watching this video:

So, now that you've seen it, let me explain.

After church last week, we dropped the Farmer off at his parents place to get the hay bale pickup.  This is the pickup they use to feed cows with.  E got to ride along with the Farmer and he was VERY excited about this.  When he came into the house he started telling me all about it!

Between his expressions and his froggy throat...I just thought it was too precious to resist, so I grabbed the camera and began prompting him to tell me all about it again.  (That is why he is a bit disintersted...he had already told this all to me once before...hehehehe). have to admit...there are some absolutely precious expressions when he excitedly says "yeth"!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

You have GOT to watch this!

"What has my sister been up to lately?" you ask.

Check out the homecoming video below...Rox is the fourth one from the left if you don't recognize her: (next to the teacher with the red shirt and often behind the guy in the orange)

I love this awesome of the teachers to do this for the kids.  I'm sure the memories will last for a long time...especially those of my niece and nephew who got to watch their mom participate in this!  Rox said the kids just went WILD...they were all on their feet dancing and screaming...really enjoying it.

What fun!

PS...this is the foreign/korean song I spoke about in the Scottsbluff post...its called Gundam Style!

ADDED:  Here is another link where you can see the whole stage if you want a different angle:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quote of the Day

Paying bills bites!

Paying medical bills bites even more!

And you can take that quote to the bank! :0)

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prayer Request

Please keep the Schlatter family in your prayers as Marion`s aunt - Barbara Schlatter - passed away last night. Thank you.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall at the Farm

The last few years, the Farmer's brother and his family have come to the farm for a fall celebration which includes a bon fire, a hay rack ride, and various other 'fallish' activities.  One year I think we decorated pumpkins, and another year i think there were 4 wheeler rides.

Well this year, it happened to fall on Nathan's birthday, so we joined the two events, but this post is about the afternoon activities that the made it a special fall day:

Jonny and Cousin E sawing wood -
yes that is a real saw
Uncle M watching the boys work.
An impromptu football game.

The adults roasting hotdogs
including the Farmer, Aunt K and Uncle M

The kids waiting to eat.
Ashlyn, Aiden, and Jacob Long along with their Grandma (Aunt Sharyln) joined us.

All aboard for a hay rack ride!

Jonny, Cousin E, Aiden, Aunt K, Cousin B, and Nathan

Nathan, Ashlyn, Abigail, & E

I snapped this shot as I climbed on board...
Isn't he a cutie!

A Sunset picture during the Hay Rack Ride

riding along...

on the other side

At the tail end...

Another Sunset Picture

Just a bit closer.

Back at home...the Bon Fire

Roasting those marshmallows

Waiting for the S'mores!
Roasting more marshmallows

and more marshmallows!

Taking it easy with Grandpa
I know our kids loved it all and really smelled like smoke when they got home!  Nothing like being on the farm in the fall!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nate's 7th Birthday

We were blessed to be able to celebrate Nathan's birthday over at Grandma and Grandpa Schlatter's house with a few of the cousins.  

Here is Nathan with his cake and lit candles.  You can't tell it from the picture, but there are actually 7 candles on that fin tale! 

After lighting the candles, it went so fast that I got the above picture and the below picture and that was IT!

Then everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and we ate cake!

After everyone had cake, we moved over to the floor for Nathan to open his presents.  I don't know what was up with my camera, but I was really struggling with the 'blurr'.  I even had it on burst and I still couldn't get a picture without it...I guess everyone was just moving too fast for me that day!

opening the present from the Salina cousins

everyone had to get a peek as Cousin B explained

After all the presents were open.  The kids had a blast playing with the Lego Minifigures and other various Legos.  Then after a while we kicked them all outside to enjoy the beautiful afternoon we had.  I'll blog about our other weekend activities in another post.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Nate's Birthday Cake

It's time for another birthday cake!

What will it be this time?

LIGHTNING McQUEEN was the 3D nonetheless!

Now, I can't imagine anyone not know who Lightning McQueen is...but just in case, here is a picture of him:

Main Character from the Cars movie
So, off I went to figure out how to make a 3D Lightning McQueen.

The first place I went to was Wilton Cakes...and there I did find a 3D Car pan. I ordered it and an icing color kit to match Lightning!  When it arrived, Abi and mixed up the cake and baked it.

After letting it cool down, I shaped it to match Lightning and added in the fin on the back from portions I cut off.  Then it was frosting time.  Abi asked if she could help so I let her put on the red:

By the time we were finished that night, this is what Lightning looked like:

And as good as he just wasn't quite this morning we decided to add decals to finish him off.  Now I will admit, that I could have gone all out and done frosting decals, but honestly I wasn't up to that, so we just did paper decals.  I think they still turned out great! is the finished Lightning McQueen:


Nathan was very pleased with how it all turned out and that is of course what it is all about!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The End - Jonny's Broken Leg

Well, the end of the Jonny's Broken Leg Saga has finally come!

Jonny had his surgery to remove the titanium rods from his leg on October 9th.  Can you believe it has been 6 months since he jumped out the window?! My how time flies.

His surgery was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. and we had to be at the Surgical Center (not the hospital) by 7:30, so we decided to go down the night before and stay with Uncle M and Aunt K.(thanks guys!)

We arrived right on time and they took us back to a small pre-op area where we hung out until 9:30.  About 9 a.m. they came and gave Jonny a drink to help him be more 'cooperative'.  When we talked to him later, he doesn't recall anything after about!  Here is a picture we got of him with his pre-op hat - just before they took him back:

His fun hat!
(which he doesn't remember getting excited
Since the Surgical Center has WiFi, we had taken the iPad with us, which turned out to be a very helpful thing.  It really helped Jonny pass the time before the surgery and gave us a few things to do afterward while we waited for Jonny to be released.

Now I'll have to tell you how things went...I had told the nurses before hand (they called several days in advance to get pre-registered and go over his history) that Jonny was very sick after his last surgery.  I told them I wasn't sure if it was the morphine they gave him or if it was the anesthesia, but that he threw up a lot!  So they told me they would 'pre-treat' him to try to prevent that.

Well, the surgery went very well and there were no complications at all - but either the pre-treatment didn't work, or they didn't do it because within an hour after he came out of surgery Jonny started throwing up.  And he continued to throw up all day long despite what they gave him to quiet it.  In fact, he kept throwing up for so long that the outpatient portion of the Surgical Center actually closed and we had to be admitted into Extended Stay In Patient Recovery!  Now, we didn't have to stay overnight or anything like that, they just had to close down the outpatient portion of the center, so they moved us over to inpatient until he stopped throwing up - which was about 2 hours later!

Jonny in the InPatient bed watching PBS Kids!
The Inpatient rooms were VERY nice and when they brought Jonny dinner, the tray actually had a REAL rose on it!  A REAL ROSE!  Ya, I'm sure our insurance would love to know they paid for that!  LOL!

But it was very nice to finally have Jonny off my lap (when he came out of recovery, they put you in a reclining chair in curtained sections of the outpatient phase 2 section.  Jonny had wanted to sit on my lap when he first came out, which I was glad to do but then that is where he stayed until just before we moved to Inpatient). I think he really enjoyed being able to stretch out in the bed for a couple of hours.  After dinner he was finally able to go an hour without throwing up so they gave us the option to leave.

While the nurse got things ready for discharge, I snapped this picture of Jonny's knee before we dressed him:

Bandaged knee after surgery to remove the titanium rods.
He could have walked out of the Surgical Center if he had wanted to, but after eating basically nothing all day and throwing up for 7 hours, he really wasn't up to that so the Farmer carried him out to the car.  We made it about 30 minutes down the road before I heard "Moooommmmyyyy, I don't feel well!".  Fortunately, he didn't throw up but I sat in the back with him just in case.  By the time we got to Beloit, he was begging for food.  Since he hadn't thrown up, we stopped and got him a sandwich which he kept down and the whole episode was over!

We arrived at the Surgical Center at 7:30 a.m. and left at 6:30 a.m.  ELEVEN hours for a 1 hour outpatient procedure!  We learned our lesson - Jonny does NOT do anesthesia well!

For anyone interested, they did give us the titanium rods!  Here is a picture of them:

Titanium rods from Jonny's leg!
They measure about 9 inches long and were completely straight when they went in. The doctor said that when they pull them out, they curl. What a souvenir Jonny now has (as if the scars on his leg wouldn't be memory enough ;0)!

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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Just for Fun

So, Abi and I were on our way home from Scottsbluff when we pulled up behind this truck:

Abi suddenly asked, "Mom, what does it mean to be potty trained?"

Curiously, I asked, "What do you mean?"

She then pointed to the back of the truck:

It says: My Cows Are Not Potty Trained
I busted out laughing as I explained what it meant.

Then as we were waiting for the truck to start moving again, a cow proved this trucker correct!  We had a huge laugh!

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