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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Cutest Little Boy

Granted, I might be a bit prejudice...but'll have to agree after watching this video:

So, now that you've seen it, let me explain.

After church last week, we dropped the Farmer off at his parents place to get the hay bale pickup.  This is the pickup they use to feed cows with.  E got to ride along with the Farmer and he was VERY excited about this.  When he came into the house he started telling me all about it!

Between his expressions and his froggy throat...I just thought it was too precious to resist, so I grabbed the camera and began prompting him to tell me all about it again.  (That is why he is a bit disintersted...he had already told this all to me once before...hehehehe). have to admit...there are some absolutely precious expressions when he excitedly says "yeth"!

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