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Friday, October 12, 2012

Nate's Birthday Cake

It's time for another birthday cake!

What will it be this time?

LIGHTNING McQUEEN was the 3D nonetheless!

Now, I can't imagine anyone not know who Lightning McQueen is...but just in case, here is a picture of him:

Main Character from the Cars movie
So, off I went to figure out how to make a 3D Lightning McQueen.

The first place I went to was Wilton Cakes...and there I did find a 3D Car pan. I ordered it and an icing color kit to match Lightning!  When it arrived, Abi and mixed up the cake and baked it.

After letting it cool down, I shaped it to match Lightning and added in the fin on the back from portions I cut off.  Then it was frosting time.  Abi asked if she could help so I let her put on the red:

By the time we were finished that night, this is what Lightning looked like:

And as good as he just wasn't quite this morning we decided to add decals to finish him off.  Now I will admit, that I could have gone all out and done frosting decals, but honestly I wasn't up to that, so we just did paper decals.  I think they still turned out great! is the finished Lightning McQueen:


Nathan was very pleased with how it all turned out and that is of course what it is all about!

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