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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall at the Farm

The last few years, the Farmer's brother and his family have come to the farm for a fall celebration which includes a bon fire, a hay rack ride, and various other 'fallish' activities.  One year I think we decorated pumpkins, and another year i think there were 4 wheeler rides.

Well this year, it happened to fall on Nathan's birthday, so we joined the two events, but this post is about the afternoon activities that the made it a special fall day:

Jonny and Cousin E sawing wood -
yes that is a real saw
Uncle M watching the boys work.
An impromptu football game.

The adults roasting hotdogs
including the Farmer, Aunt K and Uncle M

The kids waiting to eat.
Ashlyn, Aiden, and Jacob Long along with their Grandma (Aunt Sharyln) joined us.

All aboard for a hay rack ride!

Jonny, Cousin E, Aiden, Aunt K, Cousin B, and Nathan

Nathan, Ashlyn, Abigail, & E

I snapped this shot as I climbed on board...
Isn't he a cutie!

A Sunset picture during the Hay Rack Ride

riding along...

on the other side

At the tail end...

Another Sunset Picture

Just a bit closer.

Back at home...the Bon Fire

Roasting those marshmallows

Waiting for the S'mores!
Roasting more marshmallows

and more marshmallows!

Taking it easy with Grandpa
I know our kids loved it all and really smelled like smoke when they got home!  Nothing like being on the farm in the fall!

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