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Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Evenings Entertainment

What do the M&M Schlatter kids do for fun in the evenings?

*Yes...Abi is Striking a Pose again...and this time she got Jonny to join her!*

We build trains!

Well, more accurately, we build a train track to drive trains on!  But get the point.

The idea started off as a simple ploy to entertain cousin Caroline who was over with her daddy, Cousin Larry.  But the next night it morphed into Nathan building a real track.  

When he was struggling with getting his bridge to stay (the yellow one there), Mommy got involved.  Then E got done playing with his 'track' and Jonny and Abi wanted to have some fun too, so Mommy helped add on the second track with the two blue bridges. 

Ethan was in bed by this time and the Farmer was sitting on the sidelines reading to us as we played. 

Then they started getting more detailed.  Like having a forest...not just trees but all the trees together in a forest! (later they used small lincoln logs to haul 'wood' from the forest).

And finally, they decided they all needed homes.  Abi used the German Depot as her spot, and Jonny took a place in the 'country' - that big open blank spot on the far right.  But leave it to Nathan to go all out...he got the lincoln logs and made himself a cabin with a chimney and door!  He even added in the ramp to 'park' his trains and a corral for to fence in his horse!

No one can ever say that the M&M Schlatter children lack imagination!

As we wound down the night, I asked the Farmer if he wanted us to clean it all up, but he said, "No, I'll just try not to run into it when I get up in the night."  And surprising enough, the track made it through all the getting ready for beds and midnight trips to the bathroom!

I don't know how long it will stay up, but I can tell you that it was mighty hard to get everyone ready for church because they were so focused on playing with the trains!

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