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Friday, October 05, 2012

A Trip to Scottsbluff

Abi and I took off on Friday after Story Hour and headed to Gothenburg to pick up my sister and her kids.

From there, we continued on the rest of the way to Scottsbluff to visit with my dad and his side of the family.

It just so happened that we were there during my dad's 62nd birthday!  So we got Chinese and watched the Husker game with him in celebration.

I was so very thankful to the Farmer and Grandma Schlatter who allowed Abi and I to have a girls weekend away by watching the boys.  It allowed us to focus on visiting my dad without a lot of distractions.

Ty and AJ got to stay with Jeff's parents while Rox, Kim, Abi and I had girl's time in the hotel.  We had many a laughs over the weekend including the walk down memory lane in music and AJ's korean song (at least I think it was was definitely a foreign

I also learned how to do the 'WOP' from Kim...I am told that the girls warm up to that song for volleyball and I got quite the education on how to 'do' it.  Even Abi was learning!

One of the days - despite the snow outside -

First snow of winter/fall 2012
when we were in Scottsbluff, Ne

Abi and Ty made it to the pool for a swim.  I was very impressed with how well Abigail did on her own since I had forgotten to pack my suit!  But she just swam and swam - apparently the bigger 'little' pool we had this year helped her.

Abi and Cousin T in the pool.
We didn't get to see all the family, but got to visit a little bit, and the Farmer says we will try to make another trip in November!

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