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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Makes a Farmer Proud?

That's right...seeing his offspring all dressed up ready for work!

Now let me explain.  It has suddenly gotten very cold around here.  And the Farmer still expects the kids to go out each morning and do their chores.  Well, the last few mornings have been torture because no one had warm coats, boots, etc.  (mostly because they lost the boots previously purchased for them...and the coats were still in storage...but that is another story).  Anyway, so I went to Orschlens to see about some new boots and I noticed their coverall...and an idea hit me so hard I about fell over!  (not really but it sounds good)

So, I started looking through the sizes and lo and behold, they had a perfect size for each child.  Then we noticed the insulated work gloves and the stocking caps with the eye holes.  When we were all said and done there is not one child who could complain about being cold for chores!

Even with the stocking caps on you can tell which one is Abi...
she's the one really striking the!

We decided to get all dressed up and show the Farmer that night so he knew what to expect the next morning.  When the kids came in, Mommy got a kiss!  Apparently he was very pleased!  And the best thing is that as E outgrows his, he will fit into Jonny's...and as Jonny outgrows his, he will fit into Nathan's...and as Nathan outgrows his, he will fit into Abi's...and by the time Abi outgrows her's...well...we will either get her a new one or she won't be doing outside chores anymore! (they have that much room to grow)

***Now, you will notice that Ethan only has overalls, not coveralls.  They didn't have coveralls in his size, but crazy thing is the only size of overalls they had were his!  It was meant to be. Oh...and he won't wear the mask over his face!***

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