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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The End - Jonny's Broken Leg

Well, the end of the Jonny's Broken Leg Saga has finally come!

Jonny had his surgery to remove the titanium rods from his leg on October 9th.  Can you believe it has been 6 months since he jumped out the window?! My how time flies.

His surgery was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. and we had to be at the Surgical Center (not the hospital) by 7:30, so we decided to go down the night before and stay with Uncle M and Aunt K.(thanks guys!)

We arrived right on time and they took us back to a small pre-op area where we hung out until 9:30.  About 9 a.m. they came and gave Jonny a drink to help him be more 'cooperative'.  When we talked to him later, he doesn't recall anything after about!  Here is a picture we got of him with his pre-op hat - just before they took him back:

His fun hat!
(which he doesn't remember getting excited
Since the Surgical Center has WiFi, we had taken the iPad with us, which turned out to be a very helpful thing.  It really helped Jonny pass the time before the surgery and gave us a few things to do afterward while we waited for Jonny to be released.

Now I'll have to tell you how things went...I had told the nurses before hand (they called several days in advance to get pre-registered and go over his history) that Jonny was very sick after his last surgery.  I told them I wasn't sure if it was the morphine they gave him or if it was the anesthesia, but that he threw up a lot!  So they told me they would 'pre-treat' him to try to prevent that.

Well, the surgery went very well and there were no complications at all - but either the pre-treatment didn't work, or they didn't do it because within an hour after he came out of surgery Jonny started throwing up.  And he continued to throw up all day long despite what they gave him to quiet it.  In fact, he kept throwing up for so long that the outpatient portion of the Surgical Center actually closed and we had to be admitted into Extended Stay In Patient Recovery!  Now, we didn't have to stay overnight or anything like that, they just had to close down the outpatient portion of the center, so they moved us over to inpatient until he stopped throwing up - which was about 2 hours later!

Jonny in the InPatient bed watching PBS Kids!
The Inpatient rooms were VERY nice and when they brought Jonny dinner, the tray actually had a REAL rose on it!  A REAL ROSE!  Ya, I'm sure our insurance would love to know they paid for that!  LOL!

But it was very nice to finally have Jonny off my lap (when he came out of recovery, they put you in a reclining chair in curtained sections of the outpatient phase 2 section.  Jonny had wanted to sit on my lap when he first came out, which I was glad to do but then that is where he stayed until just before we moved to Inpatient). I think he really enjoyed being able to stretch out in the bed for a couple of hours.  After dinner he was finally able to go an hour without throwing up so they gave us the option to leave.

While the nurse got things ready for discharge, I snapped this picture of Jonny's knee before we dressed him:

Bandaged knee after surgery to remove the titanium rods.
He could have walked out of the Surgical Center if he had wanted to, but after eating basically nothing all day and throwing up for 7 hours, he really wasn't up to that so the Farmer carried him out to the car.  We made it about 30 minutes down the road before I heard "Moooommmmyyyy, I don't feel well!".  Fortunately, he didn't throw up but I sat in the back with him just in case.  By the time we got to Beloit, he was begging for food.  Since he hadn't thrown up, we stopped and got him a sandwich which he kept down and the whole episode was over!

We arrived at the Surgical Center at 7:30 a.m. and left at 6:30 a.m.  ELEVEN hours for a 1 hour outpatient procedure!  We learned our lesson - Jonny does NOT do anesthesia well!

For anyone interested, they did give us the titanium rods!  Here is a picture of them:

Titanium rods from Jonny's leg!
They measure about 9 inches long and were completely straight when they went in. The doctor said that when they pull them out, they curl. What a souvenir Jonny now has (as if the scars on his leg wouldn't be memory enough ;0)!

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