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Since most of my updating is done via Instagram these days I thought I'd add a section that links to my feed. Click on any of the pictures to get an enlarged version. I hope you enjoy the pics:

About M&M Farm Life Blog

M&M Farm Life is a family blog recording stories, pictures, projects and lessons learned involving the Marion & Melanie Schlatter Family. 

We have been blessed to live in a very rural area separated from the hectic world around us.  Yes, it does take some time to get used to being 45 minutes to an hour away from a 'big' town with a Wal-mart but we enjoy the peacefulness that surrounds us out here in the middle of the USA.  And when I say the Middle of the USA I mean that...for the closest town is Lebanon, Kansas whose claim to fame is the Center of the Continental US.

Besides being on a farm with a dog (Spottie), a cat (Marshmallow - not to mention the barn cats), chickens, cows, and a horse named Strawberry, we have four children - Abigail, Nathan, Jonathan, & Ethan. And yes, I did just lump the children in with the farm animals!  After all, what would a farm full of animals be worth without children to grow, love, mature, and help take care of it.  Marion and I do not live on a farm for our health, nor do we live out here for only our well being, this is where we want our children to be raised.

In addition to the wealth of opportunities a farm provides, we also homeschool our children, desiring to raise them with a Biblical foundation that surpasses Sunday School and church activities. We believe it is the parents responsibility to provide the discipline, teachings, and moral foundations in which a young person is to build their life upon - knowing of course that it is up to each person individually to accept the gift of salvation offered to us by Jesus Christ and to chose to follow after Him.  In taking that role seriously, we strive to teach our children Respect, Resourcefulness, and Responsibility.  (though we are not perfect and have struggled through the years, it is our goal in the end to have these traits strongly ingrained in our children)

Recently, our family went through some difficult struggles in which the Lord has brought our family into a new place of growth and learning. By His grace we are being transformed and renewed in faith - starting with the Head of the family and moving down. It has become a dream of mine (Melanie's) to transform this blog into a legacy for our children. I not only want to share the everyday events and pictures to be cataloged and saved for the future generations, but the lessons and revelations we learn as we grow as a family in relationship with Christ Jesus. It is our hearts desire that God is reflected in everything we do. That we simplify our lives to glorify Him, and do as He leads us in all things.

"So any person who knows what is right to do but does not do it, to him it is sin." James 4:17