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Since most of my updating is done via Instagram these days I thought I'd add a section that links to my feed. Click on any of the pictures to get an enlarged version. I hope you enjoy the pics:

Friday, August 04, 2017

Long Time No Blog

Recently my Mother-in-law reminded me that I still have a blog out here in internet world.  She indicated that she keeps up on what is happening with us via the twitter updates that I had added a long time ago.  Unfortunately, I don't do individual Tweets anymore and only occasionally link from my Instagram account, so I decided to see if I could update the blog to include my Instagram feed.  Low and behold, I can.  I have no idea if there are others out there keeping track of us the same way.  If so, I'm so sorry I have neglected the blog for all these years! I'm not going to promise to start updating, but I did at least get you a new way to stay in the loop with all that is happening with us including the pictures this time. And who knows, maybe some day I will start blogging again.

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