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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First REAL Snow of 2011

We were all very surprised today when we had SNOW~!  

Marion had told me the weather was to be clear for several day and so when I went out this morning and came back in to tell him it was snowing he didn't believe me.  Granted it was just barely snowing and there was only a skiff on the van windshield but it was snowing! 

Later in the day when it looked like this:

I had a very hard time not calling him and saying " is snowing!"  But I refrained!

Anyway it was SO beautiful coming down in big white flakes that I got my camera out to take some pictures.  Crazy thing...I found a new setting called a PIN HOLE!  Look at these pics:

I don't claim to be a professional photographer or even a very great one...but I do like to take pictures and I was excited how those two turned out.  I then played around some more and took these:

Then E was getting all excited and wanted to see the snow.  I know he saw it last year but he was still so small and it was quite fun for him to explore the snow for the first time again!

And just what was he pointing at:

Yep...Abigail was out side...Abi is his FAVORITE person right now!  He gets so excited about her and where she is and can say her name very clearly!  So...Abi was out in the snow playing and he saw her. 

I of course had to get on all the kids to put on COATS!  Afterall, it was just the day before that they were out running around without them and they couldn't put it together that it was SNOWING and they needed COATS!  But was the first time this year!

Once I made them all come inside...they decided to have a snowball fight in the living room with the bucket of snow that Nathan was collecting.  It was alot of fun!

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