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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Okay - After much discussion, debate, and prayer we have decided that we need to first deal with the blessings that we have before we add on to the blessing!  Therefore, before we seriously discuss additions or anything like that (yet we will be thinking and praying about those options for the future) we are going to start making some changes with what we have.

I sat down the other day and went from room to room and decided what needed to be done and what changes I'd like to see, then I presented that list to Marion.  So far, with the exception of one room (the boys bathroom) I have the green light to proceed with all my 'updates'.

Some of these projects will be intertwined, and some will be stand alone, but I'd still like to share with you all the things we are doing.  Now, usually Wednesdays are my days for Garden/Yard work, but since we are now into the fall/winter months, I'm going to take Wednesdays and use them as my home improvement days (ie the reason I'm posting this on Tuesday night - tomorrow will hopefully be my first day of projects).

So, this is what I'm going to do for blogging purposes.  Each Project will be posted under the home label.  In the post title I'll put Renovation - (and the project room).  So then you'll be able to see what we are doing in each of the rooms in the title section.

I have a few 'starter' ideas I'm hoping to get to tomorrow, but we'll see how that goes with school and all!


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