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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Project Day - Scarfs

Today I started off doing some sewing for the Christmas Program coming up in December.  We have several adjustments to make to the costumes this year and so I started working on that.  However, it wasn't long before Abigail was asking if she could finish the Scarf project we started a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, the original idea wasn't working so well, so we revamped the idea and started over.  Abi wanted to make scarfs for the cousins that we had drawn names for.  So, here she is hard at work:

Fortunately the scarfs were long straight stitches
so she could handle that all by herself.

She has learned how to adjust the fabric so that it stays straight.

Hard at work all on her own!

The finished products...

She was very excited to have made all these - including some for herself!
I know it is just a start but it is so much fun to see her eager to learn things like sewing and baking.  It is hard for us to believe that she is already grown up enough to start these projects!

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