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Monday, November 07, 2011

And the verdict is...

Subluxation with Torn Muscle. (that means a partial dislocation that tore the muscle in my thumb)

If you didn't catch what that was all about, a week ago I was trying to open a jar and apparently didn't know my own strength because I hurt my thumb.  I figured it was just a sprain and so I immobilized it and tried to take it easy.  After 3 days, it wasn't feeling better, so we decided I should go to the doctor.  That is when I received the above verdict. So much for a simple sprained thumb!

Now I get the privilege of wearing this beautiful accessory for a whole two weeks:

We are praying that at the end of the two weeks, the muscles are healed and we can move on, because if they aren't we have to take the next step for a more serious injury - which of course we don't want.  The doctor was  a bit concerned after placing me in the splint because I asked if it was supposed to hurt worse in the splint than without it.  He said no...and that if it didn't adjust in a day or two I was to come back because that wasn't good.

At the time of posting this, my thumb is throbbing and feels like it needs to 'pop'.  I'm praying that works itself out soon. Will you please join me in that request?