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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm caught up...I'm caught up...

As many of you know, I've been trying to catch up with the blogging from 2010 using the photos I took as a guide.

Well, today, I did it!

All caught up.  Now I can order my 2010 blog book and another year is recorded in history...both online and in paper!

I'll have to go get one of my older books to remember how I did those, but I'm hoping it will come back to me as I sit down and order the book.  I'm also hoping they didn't change things or stop their services since I last used them.  (which is always a risk when you only print once a year!)

This is the site I use...Blog2Print...I really like them and thought they were reasonable..then again, I didn't have alot of choices when I found them.  Do you print your blog?  What site do you use?

I remember it took me YEARS to find a place that would print the blog in book form for me.  I really hope the service is still available!

Well, I'm off for tonight.  Feeling pretty tired after all the cleaning I did.  Marion is so happy that he glows! (but don't tell him I told you that...he might be a bit embarrassed that he is glowing...hehehehe)