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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A GREAT celebration...

Today we had Ethan's 1st Birthday party.  We were so very blessed to have our family here to share with us in this joyous celebration of life.  It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day outside and Marion kept the kids busy with horse and 4-wheeler rides.

Anyway...inside I had managed to get 1st Birthday plates and decorations with wrapping paper that all matched (I didn't intend this...but it did happen that way).  

I asked my sister to take pictures for me...this was the first one she took:

It would have been great if we could have gotten all the kids!

When everyone had gathered, we sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and Marion helped him blow out his candle.  (unfortunately, I'm not good at remembering that I have a video camera now and so I didn't get it recorded...bummer)  Then, Ethan got the first piece of cake:

And then he wanted more cake....and more cake...and more think we cut him off at the third round (mind you they were small  But all in all....he ended up the same way he did the other day...messy!

After all of the cake was eaten, there was a break for outside activities then everyone gathered again for opening presents.  These pictures are not all in order, but I'm not going to reorder

Bilbo seat from Aunt K & Uncle M (and cousins B, E, C)

A K-State football...purchased in Nebraska from Cousin T!

A hand crocheted blanket from Grandma G...sorry...the actual pic of it didn't turn out...
maybe I can get one from Grandma G!

A Huskers Sippy Cup...can you guess who gave him that!
Aunt R asked if Marion would allow his son to drink from such a cup...rofl!

the infamous 'Grandpa's Lil' Helper T-shirt'! in the bottom left can see a small portion of the quilted blanket!
My other children were chomping at the bit to open the present...
they couldn't wait to play with!

Daddy and Grandpa J watching the fun!

The chaos that ensued once the ball popper present was opened!

Ethan and Cousin C finally got some uninterupted play time!
(we had to beat the older boys off...rofl)

 Shortly after presents, everyone stayed for bbq beef sandwiches, chips and fruit...a simple dinner but hopefully enough to satisfy any hunger that might have been there.  Overall, Marion and I felt very blessed to be able to share this day and celebrate the blessed life of our fourth child!