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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

By the end of the day...

our room was looking a tad bit differently:

First, I cleaned up the floor from all the clothing and made piles on the clothes, dress clothes, long sleeve, short sleeve...etc.

Then when I had the floor relatively picked up, I took the broken treadmill out of the room.  That cleared up alot of space.  So I moved Marion's current cabinet to the wall and moved the bassinet (which has taken up permanent home in our bedroom for the time being with or without a's my sister's and just never seems to leave our house..rofl)

Then I moved the book case over by the closet so that there is more room to get into the closet.  I reorganized the closet so that Marion's clothes hung long sleeve casual to short sleeve casual and then dress long sleeve to dress short sleeve.  And I went through my closet and got rid of anything I wasn't wearing or didn't fit.  

I also went through every drawer and pile...both Marion's and mine and got rid of anything that did not fit or that we haven't worn in years.  I have TWO large black trash bags full of stuff to give away!  And we still have plenty!  rofl!

The next step is to clear out the chest of drawers upstairs that we will be using to house Marion's clothes (as he does not think he has enough room right now), and move it downstairs.  We decided to move his cabinet closer to the head of the bed and I'm thinking we'll store some of his books in there that overflow from  his night stand.

Today I have some errands to run in town, so I might not get to do much more on the room today, but when I have it all done, I'll take detailed pictures to show you what I did...

OR...maybe I'll use an idea from a friend's blog and give you a video tour...that might be fun and different...we'll see.