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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My version of the Peasants dress...

As I may have told some of you, I have these two dresses that I just LOVE!  They are called a peasants dress though they are not quite like some of the other peasants dresses I've seen.  One think I did not like about the dress was that the neckline was rather low, so I tried to correct that and make the neck a bit different.  Here is my version:

I think the next time I'm going to lower the top part down a bit more, and the sleeves seem awfully big  in the cotton fabric...apparently they hang differently with a knit.

I also added a tie string to the it is just loosely tied,
but I figured as I needed to I could adjust the tie string for a more comfortable fit.
I love the dress, but I have to confess that now that it is done....I like the skirt better.  At least now I've tried both and I can pick and chose which I want more of.  I've got some great, colorful fabrics so we'll see what I come up with next.

I think my next project with be to finish Nathan's flame jammies and then I may try to make Jonny some jammies too (though I don't have an actual pattern for his size).  And at some point in time, I want to make another one of the pioneer dresses for Abi using this adorable pink quilted fabric I have.  As you can see...there are LOTS of projects at hand...its good to stay busy!