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Monday, March 14, 2011

Abi now has one too...

Okay...I just couldn't refuse...and as soon as I can get a pattern drafted, E will have some too...then I'll get a picture of all four of the kids in their flaming jammies!  (and I just might have enough left over for Nathan to have another set when he out grows this...but that might be tight...we'll see.)

Please forgive the is late and been a hard day of play!

It's just a night shirt...I just added the flaming material at the bottom.
Look at that smug expression...she is very 'proud' of her new jammies too!
Fortunately, she has lots of room to grow into these as well.  They are rather narrow but what harm is that when you are sleeping!  Stay tuned for E's flaming jammies and the group picture....