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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

School Christmas Programs 2014

I'm going to try to post each of the kids' school program videos in one post.  They will all be YouTube videos so hopefully you will be able to watch them all in one post.  I will warn you, some of them are long.  I recorded the whole thing to the best of my capabilities with only a few blimps excluded due to technical difficulties,  So, feel free to skip through if you want or enjoy the whole thing.

We will start with Jonny's part of the program on December 1st.  His class had a few individual parts before the 'skit' with the 3rd Graders.

Next is the joint skit of K-3.  This is where Nathan had a speaking part.

Next is Abigail's vocal program on the 4th.  Her class, like Jonny's, had a few individual songs, and then the whole 4-6 joint skit.  I think I put all of them into one video so this one is really 40 minutes!

Finally we have Abi's band concert.  This was the entire school band program, but in this one I only kept the portions with Abi's participation.

I hope you enjoy all the videos.  Due to the length of time it takes to upload and create the videos you'll need to come back and check for the various links.  But I wanted to at least get the base post up and going.

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