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Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Refreshing Day


It is SO nice to be able to share that my house is CLEAN!  Granted, there may still be some things on the school table, and I think there are some jeans on the couch waiting for the boys to put away, but what really strikes me right now is the clutter - it's GONE!

Well, okay....maybe our bedroom is still a mess...but I just went up to check on Ethan (he woke up fussing) and I didn't step on one single toy!  You have no idea how miraculous that actually is.

Yep. Today was purge the upstairs day.  I've been maintaining the downstairs fairly well with the help of the Seaman girls once a week, but the upstairs had gotten WAY out of control.  It was SUCH a relief to just walk straight up the stairs, right down the hall, and into E's room without having to go through the obstacle course of toys, trash, and clothing!

Isn't it amazing how good we feel when things are clean and put in their place? When the chaos and the trash are put to order and discarded?  I will repeat it...AHHHHH!

I think there is a spiritual lesson here in this simple daily truth.  We can let things get so out of hand and clouded or we can keep them cleaned up.  We can chose to do this daily, or only when it gets so bad we can't stand it anymore.  Either way, it still needs to be we just have to decide how much effort we want to put into it...a little each day or a draining amount later!

Happy cleaning!

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