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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Mount Rushmore Part 2

Here we are...we finally made it.

There is a walk way that leads to the observation area that has all the flags of the US on poles.

Abi, Nate, and Jonny found the Kansas flag and stood underneath it.  
(I was going to take a picture of the flag but it was all wrapped up over the pole :( )

From the observation deck:

The Fam hiked down the trail and took a perch under the faces.

The Fam posing on the rocks.

The Farmer thought of this next one.  He thought it would be very memorable and maybe some day they can take their kids and do the same thing. 

Ethan wasn't overly cooperative at this time as he was getting hungry and tired.
But we finally got him in the picture long enough to snap one.  

From the Mount, we headed south to the Wind Cave....coming up next!

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