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Thursday, May 15, 2014

My New Dining Room Table

Back around Christmas last year, the family was visiting with the Farmer's cousin, Larry, and his wife, Ann. Ann showed me a kitchen island she had made at the Shabby Shed in Osborne.  We got to chatting about it and so I decided to inquire of Gretchin, the owner, to see if she could help me acquire the table I'd been looking for but as of yet had not found.  

Gretchin said they'd be happy to help me and so we started on the journey of having a rustic, distressed, counter height, extremely sturdy and chunky table made.  The first step was to find the chairs that we wanted so that the height could be customized and made to fit perfectly.  

The Farmer did not want wood chairs as that is what we had and the kids demolished them.  I went searching furniture stores and a nice salesman in Kearney told me about a friend of his that had purchased commercial metal bar stools.  So I came home and began my search.  Sure enough, I found some chairs that the Farmer and I could both agree on.  They are a metal welded frame with a wood seat. Being a commercial item, we had to figure out delivery (they wouldn't deliver to a residence) but with the help of our local Coop, that was quickly arranged.  

Once we had the chairs, it was a matter of waiting 6 weeks for production and wallah.  I have a new table.  

Ethan wanted to pose with the table for here he is enjoying the new table.

It is VERY tall, but we love it.  When our friends came to help us move it into the house (thanks Jana & Danny), we all fit around the table nicely with room to spare.  It was so nice.  It will also be great for the myriad of projects and activities.  The Farmer and the boys have already enjoyed playing games on it and had plenty of room to move around.

Here are a few close-ups of the details/distressing:

And here you can see the chunky sturdy leg:

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