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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Old Settler's Day

Okay, here are the pics I took at the parade. I found out that even with Marion there, it is hard to keep two toddlers contained and take pictures. Here is everyone waiting for the parade to start:

We might get our picture in the Lebanon paper as the editor was there and took pictures of us all sitting there waiting for the parade to start.

Of course the candy was a BIG hit with the kids but they also enjoyed seeing Grandpa Schlatter drive his tractor in the parade.

Here is Abigail getting some candy. Nathan was more interested in eating the candy then actually going and getting it. But Abigail did a great job of getting it and putting it in the bag. We definately have enough candy for awhile!

This year they also got blow up balls and necklaces which is a nice change. The kids have really enjoyed playing with both of those.

Here was Nathan enjoying the tractors that went by...they have LOTS of tractors in the parade and he was VERY excited. I wish I would have gotten the picture of him when he saw the HUGE John Deere tractor....he was so excited...even though it was GREEN!