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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pioneer Village, Minden, Nebraska

I can't tell you HOW MANY TIMES we would go to my sister's in Gothenburg and pass through Minden saying "We really should stop and see Pioneer Village sometime!"  It seems we always had some excuse...I was pregnant, we had a new baby, the kids are too small, we don't have enough name it, we probably thought of it...LOL!

Amazing as it seems, we FINALLY made it to Pioneer Village!  It was a cool rainy day and I forgot the camera but fortunately Marion had his cell phone (but I didn't think of THAT until about 1/2 way through).  However, I managed to think of it just in time to get pictures of the kids on the caboose that Marion himself remembers being on as a child when the school took a field trip to Pioneer Village...He even remembers the green hands saying "you can touch this"...LOL!

Yeah....trains....Jonny was SO excited!

Nathan...get over here and take a picture! (See how thrilled Abi is?)

The little red engine...and smallest caboose.

In the depot...with model trains and engines.

See the green can touch this!
Jonny and Marion checking out the big engine!

this was in the back of the 'church'.
The children were very fascinated by the angel!

We need one of these at home!

We tried to actually get one of the kids to put their heads in...they wouldn't do it!

We went into one of the side buildings....
and there was a broom maker...
he told the kids all about how to make a straw broom.

Then he let each of the kids 'help' make one!

Nathan wasn't into it much and when it got to be Jonny's turn...well...he flat out refused!  

Here he is sewing the broom together.

Marion LOVED all the tractors and the way they transitioned from year to year.

Kiddos by an old wood stove in a pony express relief station cabin.

Not to bad considering all those pictures were from the cell phone.  I think I had to stop taking pictures because the battery was waining and we didn't want to be stranded without it.  But, you got the overall experience or at least the high lights.  The kids loved seeing everything but as those of you who have young kids know...they weren't wanting to stop and smell the roses around them...or read the was see and dash...see and dash!